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10 Awesome Tips to Boost Your Online Sales This Festive Season

The festive season is around the corner; businesses struggle and compete to boost their sales every year during the holiday season. With the growing popularity of e-commerce among the masses, the need to handle customers effectively in this cutthroat competitive world has become crucial and complex. Many businesses use various tactics to improve their online sales during the festive season. Driving traffic to your platform is not enough; converting them into your customers is the real game. But how can you be successful in converting customers? What are the tactics or tips that can help you?

We have created a comprehensive guide of a few awesome tips to improve your online sales in festive season or holiday season: 


Run a short time offer:

Short time offer will compel customers to take action. Customers buy products quickly before time gets over. Short-time or limited-time offers create a rush in customers and make them think that they probably won’t get the same deal if they don’t buy now. Build your limited-time offers on landing pages; it will help and prove effective for customers who need a push and hesitate to buy. You can achieve so by adding countdown time or stopwatch on your landing page to help customers know how time is left for them to buy, or you can even create banners promoting specific offers you’re providing. Such offers are useful and help you boost online sales


Create seasonal and unique landing pages:

Many businesses often ignore the need or impact of creating festive landing pages for their special product offers and discounts. Product-specific pages are a must and can be impactful to give your landing page a festive theme or flare that your customer needs. With the landing page of your special product offering, you can provide your customers with a clear picture and what you offer, how they can benefit, and a little call to action statement will encourage them to buy. Since customers will only have a single call to action on the personalized landing page, it increases the chances of your festive conversion rates and increase online sales


Retarget your existing customers:

At the time of offers, targeting your existing customers will be more beneficial than new ones. The existing customers already know your brand, and they have interacted with you and have used your products; hence, you have more chances to get them to listen to your offers and buy from you. According to a survey, targeting new customers is more expensive than retaining your existing ones. Existing customers will purchase more products from you than new ones so, to boost your sales in online festive season shopping, focus on existing customers.


Offer free shipping:

Many customers often abandon items in a cart due to shipping costs. According to a survey, sales witnessed a 40% hike after offering free shipping options to customers. Because who doesn’t love free gifts and free shipping is something that customers look for. That’s why every year, many business owners offer free shipping to customers as it is one of the most effective online sales tips during the festive season. It helps them convert customers at a high rate. However, if you cannot offer free shipping for so many days, try to give limited days offer or free shipping up to fixed shopping prices that will work both ways for you and customers.


Prepare your social media for this festive season:

According to a survey, every two people use social media. We practically spend most of the time there; the most effective way to boost online sales in the festive season is by preparing your social media creatively and according to the festive theme. This will help you attract new customers and bring existing ones to your platform. Encouraging the audience creatively with trends and personalized messages on social media will help you improve your festive season sales tactics. The power of spreading the word of mouth that social media has is highly impactful; every business tries to squeeze in the maximum benefit. Spread a word about your product offers and exciting deals to customers via social media and be more active during the festive season; it will give you a great hike in sales. 


Use gift card:

Gift card strategy is one of the most effective and popular during the festive season. You can offer gift cards to your customers that they can use during their next purchase. You can also add gift cards as a way to give gifts to friends and family for their shopping. It will also make your customers happy and satisfied with your service. You can use various third-party gift card extensions to create unlimited offers. 


Use an omnichannel approach:

Mobile devices are accountable for more than half of online sales in festive season, and these numbers are growing. One way to improve your sales is to provide customers with a better experience. Better customer experience cannot be replaced with anything. Optimize your mobile and desktop website for an easy and compact shopping experience.


Start first and stop last:

During the festive season, customers go crazy to shop online for all kind of products and eagerly look for offers and discounts, so you can easily be the game player if you start your offers early before the competitors and extend your promotions, offers, discounts, and deals from your competitors. It’s one of the effective tools to boost your online sales. 


Create a special offer for first-time buyers:

Converting new customers over existing customers is more expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect them during the festive season. 

If you’re able to retain new customers, they will probably become your regular buyers later on, and what’s better than offering them special discounts or incentives like free shipping on the first order. 


Emphasis on videos and gifs:

In recent years, video marketing has created a greater impact on customer buying decisions. Video marketing has taken the marketing world by storm. Record or create special festive-themed videos and bring Gifs for your social media platforms to promote and encourage your customers to buy from you. Creating sentimental and valuable videos during the festive season brings customers to your landing page, increases your conversion chances, and boost online sales


Final Thoughts:

Holidays make people go crazy; they start buying things impulsively; as a business, you need to encash this opportunity. The above-stated tips and techniques can be effective to increase online sales

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