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10 Best App Development Revolutionary Ideas to Watch for in 2022

Mobile app development have changed the dynamics of businesses and industries across the world.

From providing better means to communicate and collaborate to enhancing performance margins, growth metrics, and productivity, mobile app development has revolutionized everything.

And while businesses are moving towards app-based businesses models, app development companies in Chicago are enabling high-tech development services.

As a result, there is a continuous surge in mobile app development from different industrial backgrounds. In 2022, the tech advancements and automation in businesses would continue to grow.

We have rounded up some of the noteworthy app development trends and ideas that would be seen as actionable in the coming year.

While several of them have already started to gain traction, many are new and would lead the respective industrial change.

So, let’s get started.

  1. Telemedicine App Development

The healthcare industry is already undergoing a massive technological transformation to fill up the gaps.

therefore, inventions like telemedicine apps can be proven as a profitable app idea.

Telemedicine app development would not only help connect doctors and patients without the need to be in the same space, but it will also help bridge the existent healthcare app.

For instance, by enabling healthcare services to remotest areas, providing secure payment methods, helping in keeping patient documents aligned in a place, and more.

Subsequently, entrepreneurs and healthcare app developers are significantly prioritizing healthcare app development.

2. Cloud-Based Game Development

The game development industry is experiencing record-breaking growth with a surge in the following;

  • number of downloads
  • active users
  • annual revenue.

One such tech advancement is cloud-based game development.

Cloud services are already a significant mark in automating organizations.Therefore, cloud-based gaming is also getting noticeable traction.

Not needing an additional data or processing resource to run the game on mobile phones.

That too without impacting the storage capacity of mobile phones is a great idea.

Several cloud game apps are in the market; however, the trend will continue to surge in the future.

3. Quantum Applications

The Quantum computing and app development trend is still in its infancy.

However, the trend is expected to bring revolutionary changes to the world.

From enabling fast-paced performance to ensuring complex calculations within seconds, quantum computing would change the dynamics of performance.

Moreover, from cybersecurity and cloud computing to drug development and meteorology, we would see some of the top industrial applications of quantum computing.

All thanks to the unlimited benefits of quantum application solutions, including;

  • Enormous speed for specific problems
  • Adequate storage and management of big data
  • Reduce power consumption

4. NFT Game Development

Among some of the trending game development ideas, NFT gaming is making rounds in the market.

Since blockchain technology has started to make a wake in several industries, it has enabled secure and immutable means to conduct transactions and ensure data security.

Subsequently, NFT game development has emerged as a profitable idea introducing new investment means for entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, the reason why NFT games are getting much traction is that users can actually collect and earn virtual currencies, which can later be exchanged for bitcoins.

There are several popular NFT games such as CryptoKitties, Galaxy Blocks, Splinterlands, and more in the market.

These games have generated new revenue streams for both app owners and mobile gamers – ultimately ruling the game app charts.

As a result, there has also been seen a surge in search of NFT game app developers for hire.

However, the market is still open for new ideas and gaming apps since users are more than interested in playing NFT games

5. Wearable App Development

Next up is wearable app development.

Wearable technology has evolved from its conventional uses to more complex applications. This is happening in order to aid the user experience.

such as in the gaming industry, VR headsets are some popular examples of wearable devices.

While, in the healthcare, smartwatches, Fitbits, and biosensors are commonly used wearable devices.

subsequently, wearable application provide benefits like; managing and controlling of these devices would improve

but also it will provide a better user experience.

6. Electronic Health Record

Another profitable healthcare app development idea is to invest in an EHR – Electronic Health Record.

An EHR is basically an app to document all the important documents of a patient in one place to avoid any loss or inconvenience.

Also, it helps doctors to provide consultation and offer relevant prescriptions.

In addition to this, it also helps in the following ways;

  • keeping the care services directed and specific to the problem
  • including medical reports,
  • test results,
  • prescriptions.
  1. Access Control Solution

Next up is an access management and controlling app that would help organizations to keep track of who can see what.

An access management system helps to manage the user access to data and resources.

Cybersecurity and organizational data privacy have become a growing concern all around the world.

It would provide a strong access control system can be a prospective idea.

A well-developed access management system would help in implementing adequate security protocols, avoid data breaches, and minimize financial loss.

So, if you are an investor looking for a prospective app development idea, developing an access management solution can do the thing for you.

  1. Taxi Booking App

Next up is an app development idea from the on-demand app development industry.

Booking private taxis to move around the city has grown to become a popular trend in the market.

As Uber being the trend-setter in the market, you can always take inspirations.

Make some updates and provide better functionalities as compared to other existing apps.

For instance, you can add a feature of scheduling the taxi a day or a few hours prior to users actually wanting to travel.

Moreover, some essential features of your app may include;

  • ride tracking
  • evaluating the profile of riders
  • reviewing the ride
  • e-payments
  • adding complaints, and more.

Wrap Up

The mobile app development industry has changed the way people communicate and business are conducted.

From internal organizational procedures to industrial performance, mobile apps have changed everything.

But what’s more interesting is that they will continue to do so in the upcoming years.

Some of the trends and ideas shared above would be seen in action in 2022 and ahead.

If you wish to leverage these or any other prospective idea, there are a few things you must do, including;

  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Planning your app development approach
  • Hire the best app development company to turn your idea into an actionable entity.


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