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10 Best Free WooCommerce WordPress Theme 2021

Among the most popular business ideas, today is owning a business’s online store.  Online platforms are simple, easy to use, and have a similar layout in some cases. However, some essential elements are still required to start developing an online business. One of them is having an elegant design and store software.WooCommerce is the most user-friendly and effective eCommerce module available. Furthermore, WooCommerce WordPress themes are most innovative and appealing for creating eCommerce stores for a variety of businesses.

While any business can hire a WordPress theme development service to have it done by professionals, those on a tight budget can learn about the themes that can be extremely helpful in setting up an online store.

So, let us explore these themes in detail and see what features and plugins they have to offer to make your online store stand out.

10 Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes in 2021


#1. Woostify :


Many themes include unneeded elements that increase the load on the page and slow it down.

Woostify is a theme that is entirely optimized to reassemble the shortest possible size, allowing the website to load quickly even without any optimization. 

Woostify is a WooCommerce-integrated theme that eliminates issues between layout and plugins regardless of WooCommerce modifications.

However, you will be stunned to know the features that come with Woostify. It includes a variety of layouts for your site’s product pages, as well as hover options and cart options.

Furthermore, the Woostify theme’s pre-built examples make it simple to set up a fantastic online store in no time, with the top level of compatibility.

In addition, thanks to strong code standards, this theme supports major wishlist plugins and boosts SEO.

Overall, Woostify could be the only choice for you if you’re searching for a robust yet minimalist 


#2. Shopstar


When you use a Shopstar theme to design your online store, you will be able to create a basic and responsive store.

This theme is fantastic since it has a category showcase feature that you can use to customize whatever you want.

SiteOrigin’s Page Builder is completely integrated with Shopstar. This clearly shows that no coding is necessary because drag and drop functionality is included.

Another plus is that Shopstar is WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to quickly add products to your website.

Overall, Shopstar includes translation tools, templates, and other features that can help you with your company’s ROI.

#3. Storefront


Storefront, without a doubt, is the most preferred WooCommerce WordPress theme

Interestingly, Storefront is developed by the same experts who built WooCommerce. Hence, you can be assured that WooCommerce compatibility can be easily achieved. 

When it comes to deep integration, Storefront may be the best option.

Furthermore, Storefront’s flexible website design is simple to personalize, with a variety of layouts and widgets to choose from.

#4. eStore


If you want to create an online store, eStore can be the finest WooCommerce WordPress theme for you. Your visitors will be drawn in by the eye-catching theme’s appearance, and its incredible features will astonish you.

In addition to having simple access to contact information, there is a section with advertisements that may be used to promote bargains and other offers.

All of these capabilities offered by this excellent theme make it easy to get the most out of your online store.

Furthermore, regardless of their location, you can tailor the consumer experience. 

As a result, if all of these features are important to you in an online company store, eStore is the finest option.

#5. GutenShop


This is a WooCommerce compatible theme designed for online stores of all types, especially beauty stores or fashion boutiques. 

Also, you can quickly create grids, highlight products, and add any product you wish to present on your online store’s front page.

Additionally, this theme can be best for creating a one-page online shop for business verticals like fashion, beauty, sports, electronic products, and so on.

GutenShop is a responsive woocommerce WordPress theme that uses subtle effects to attract attention to specific store areas. Also, it is an SEO-optimized theme and has a fast loading speed. 

Furthermore, this theme includes a new editor that turns it into a multi-purpose theme, allowing you to create any type of blog you want.

Finally, keep in mind that it functions on all screen sizes.

#6. Astra


When it comes to increasing sales, a quick loading and lightweight theme is the way to go. This is when the Astra theme comes into play.

The Astra theme is well-known for its outstanding performance since it allows you to change the site without requiring any coding knowledge.

If you want to create a high-end online store, Astra is the theme for you. Overall, thanks to its outstanding performance and lightweight features, it is a great theme.

#7. WP Store



WP Store is a really attractive theme for developing appealing and dynamic shop sections, with a fully functional slider. When combined with this attractive design, your products will simply stand out.

Responsive layouts, full-width layouts, customizable widgets, and minimal code are just a few of the key advantages offered by WP Store. 

#8. Virtue


Virtue is a wonderful theme for any designers and bloggers who want to start an online store.

Without a doubt, this theme gives the WooCommerce website the most modernized appearance. In addition to this, Virtue provides portfolio page options, making it appropriate for developing any form of business website.

The options section is so powerful that they can be simply adjusted with a few clicks.

#9. Shopping Cart


The Shopping Cart is a beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme that features various eCommerce widgets that you can edit using a customizer.

Customers can quickly search for what they’re looking for using the search tool at the top of the theme.

Also, you can include widgets on your website that guide users to the online store’s special discounts and deals.

Shopping cart is a fantastic theme that works with all of the most common plugins, so you don’t have to worry about the site’s functioning.

#10. Leto


Leto theme has a pleasant minimalist style and thorough WooCommerce compatibility.

Allowing to easily adapt to distinct niches, Leto is a suitable theme choice to design any business type online store. 

Leto includes a variety of in-built widgets that let you customize the design and set the color, font, and size as per your preference. 

Overall, Leto is the ideal solution for creating a free eCommerce site with WooCommerce integration for your customers. 

Wrapping Up


All the themes shared here come with varying features and fit best to individual needs. For better store designing, get the professional WordPress theme development service in place. However, it is usually preferable to first understand your business’s shop design requirements before making a decision. Thanks for reading!!


Emma Watson is a custom WordPress developer and passionate blogger. Currently, she is associated with WordSuccor – Wordpress Development Company in USA. She is well known for her professional writings and technical blogs. She loves to share useful information regarding WordPress.

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