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10 Common Causes of Delayed Deliveries – IT Hardware

Increasing competition in the challenging world of the IT hardware business can be harsh. Corporations continuously enhance their strategies in an attempt to stay on top of not getting left behind. A top-class company has to deliver products on time in order to maintain its reputation among the customers as well as in the market.  

With the continuous growth of the IT and e-commerce industry, courier businesses have become the center as they strive to offer faster delivery services such as same-day and as next-day delivery. Moreover, these services have become an essential part of the IT industry. Despite all their efforts to perfect their process, delays happen. 

Receiving damaged goods and delays in shipping happen on a daily basis. These issues make angry consumers keen to find out how soon they will get compensation or the package. Customers expect fast delivery times, and when their parcels containing IT hardware arrive late, they do not order from a store for the second time due to late delivery. Following are the reasons for delayed deliveries and how you can prevent them.

  1. A surge in Delivery Volume:

Special occasions and holidays are the top reasons for online selling stores. Large volumes of hardware orders are anticipated to be delivered to users, and exhaustive work will be involved. Throughout these periods, warehouses are busy, and courier firms are not able to fulfill all of their customer’s needs. Moreover, as the delivery of packages is reliant on the home or office addresses, either they are in the end or the start of a path taken by a dispatch rider, all these aspects can add up and lead to interruptions.

  1. Inaccurate Inventory:

In a survey, 85% of retail experts said that imprecise inventories are responsible for more profits loss than robbery. Also, with stores trading IT equipment across various platforms & managing irresistible order sizes, not having a consistent system of inventory can cause issues like overselling.

Consumers select to order online since it’s convenient and easy. But it’s not the situation if they pay for an order after placing it and later find out that the article is discontinued, out of stock, or not deliverable by the company to their location. This is the info buyers want to know prior to adding items to their carts. If sellers bring bad news after the fact, trade employees have to face the issue of refunds and deal with unhappy customers.

  1. Traffic Jams:

The 3rd thing on our list is terrific jams. You can reasonably blame late deliveries on traffic. An increase in population causing more people on the road as well as due to accidents, roadblocks, and construction, traffic jams are getting worse in most cities of the world. A senior analyst engineer at Texas Transportation Institute said that “The issue affects not only customers but also designers and transporters whose travel postponement costs are conceded on to consumers.” No simple solution to traffic jams exists, but path optimization software can assist courier delivery guys in finding the fastest possible route in real-time to avoid delays.

  1. Unsuccessful Delivery Attempts:

Sometimes, the clients are responsible for late deliveries. This happens when a package needs a sign, and no one is there to accept it. Motorists have a minimal amount of time to hold back for a response/reply, or else they fear rescheduling other packages. However, an active tracking system can resolve this issue, providing your consumers real-time information so that they have an idea when the parcel is coming and they can plan to be home. 

In a survey, more than 90% of customers stated they want to track their consignments in real-time. If a buyer is not at home, then they can pick up or reschedule the package at a pickup spot with the proper ID.

  1. Lack of Visibility:

Guaranteeing clear visibility through the supply chain is essential for assuring a timely and safe shipment from one end to another. Organizations can become prey to uncountable inefficiencies without it, which can become a cause of delays, loss, or damage of shipments. Having a bet on tech to bring clarity throughout the whole shipping process is a sure way for transport companies to maintain and gain a competitive benefit. Delivery software can offer couriers & their buyer’s clarity throughout the transfer process. Following are its features

  • Shipping label creation 

  • Digital waybills

  • Route building

  • Item level scanning

  • Signature capture


  1. Porch Theft:

Even if your IT hardware parcel gets through the journey to your doorstep, it’s not clear yet. Until or unless a carrier hands a package directly to you or drops it in a safe location, the things in the box could be prey for theft. This issue is more ordinary than you can think; around 25% of the buyers all over the globe have fallen victim to parcel theft, and half have friends and relatives who have. Also, package theft leads to damage for the seller in the form of delivery costs, replacements, or refunds. 

Luckily, buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) is becoming a widespread order completion solution. A survey found that 70 percent of customers made various click-and-collect acquisitions, and 50 percent selected to buy from online stores based on BOPIS availability. These options are an excellent method to confirm customers get their orders in brilliant condition, without the hassles and risks of shipping.

  1. Packaging Issue:

Shipped items are usually sent in boxes or packages. If there are issues with packaging, they may get damaged during transportation. In that case, unhappy & disappointed customers will return the items to the courier firm, and that is what happens typically with breakable items. Indeed, a return will result in late and delayed delivery.

  1. Climate Conditions:

Nature can be an uncertain and powerful force that can delay the quick delivery of belongings to customers. Extreme weather such as snowfall, heavy rain, foggy conditions, hurricanes, and tornadoes are factors that can cause a delay in delivery. Such climate events may be outside your or the dispatch rider’s control, but they must not be a justification for late delivery. Safety is obviously a priority for all agents, so when unfavorable weather & road closings strike, delivery delays are inevitable. In cases like these, transport firms can do slight but wait out the climate.

  1. Customs:

Shifting to a universal perspective, as a transporter facing customs, you must make sure that all the essential documents are filled and present to avoid any problems. Without proper documentation, interruptions are inevitable, and it can rapidly escalate to more difficulties if authorities choose to inspect your freight. In the condition where belongings are seized at customs, sellers are required to have a backup idea. It is part of the backup plan to have partnerships with consistent courier services which retain accurate documents.

  1. Lack of Clarity:

A general problem that can arise when functioning without a consistent courier software is only uncertain hand-writing.  Provide the nature of the transport industry, choosing paper and pen can lead to frequent mishaps or mistakes happening. Also, transport labels play a vital part. In case they are of inferior quality, it can pose difficulties for agents when scanning or reading them. In the center, being reliant on the human component for jobs that can be automatic can lead to minor unreliability. By going for logistics administration software, missing packages can be a thing of history for delivery firms. With vibrant end-to-end package visual range, starting from the transfer person, the right tech platform can certainly:

  • Boost reliability

  • Provide accountability

  • Allow growth and scalability

How to Prevent Late Deliveries?

Avoiding delayed deliveries needs a complete approach. First is the investment in the right resources, and the second one is the latest tech to guarantee preparation regarding any situation that could arise. Although making for each of these explanations for late deliveries exclusively is a single option, the most effective and straightforward way to get ready is to associate with a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) provider that has plenty of experience in delivering on-time transfers, such as Hollingsworth.

  • Implement a robust internal process

  • Build relationships via communication 

  • Work with a consistent courier companion

Final Verdict:

If your enterprise is set to join the e-commerce league, you should stay in touch with a trusted and efficient delivery partner. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can avoid delayed deliveries of your IT hardware equipment.

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