10 Common iPhone Problems and Their Possible Solutions

When it comes to delivering smooth and impressive performance, iPhone surely stands different from other smart-phones. But it doesn’t mean that iPhone can never experience glitches and malfunctions. Gladly, there are endless tips and tricks to fix such issues with your iPhone without changing your cellphone. You can consider iPhone Repair Singapore services to get the ideal and most possible solution to all your iPhone issues.

So, in this current discussion, we are talking about ten common issues with iPhone and the professional ways to fix them. If your iPhone is malfunctioning, ensure that you try these viable fixes to resolve the issue without any predicament.

  • WIFI Issue

One of the most common issues with the iPhone is that it doesn’t connect to WIFI easily, or sometimes its WIFI functions slowly. Interestingly, we have the simplest solution to this common problem, i.e., switch off your device and restart it after some time.

At the same time, press and hold the home and lock button until the Apple logo starts appearing on the screen. Once you have restarted your iPhone, try to reconnect the WIFI. We are sure that trying this trick will resolve your WIFI issue.

  • Cellular Network Doesn’t Work On iPhone

It generally happens due to several reasons, including outage and network-related issues, etc. If you are also experiencing a similar issue with your iPhone, make sure you use a stable cellular network with no outage in your area.

However, if the issue prevails for a little longer, try to reset your network setting as it’s the best way to discard a slow-moving network.

  • Stuck iPhone

One of the most annoying issues with the iPhone is that it stuck at the Apple logo issue. You can force restart your device to fix this exasperating problem.

  • iPhone Apps Crash Frequently

No denial, users love to buy iPhone due to its extensive internal memory. But don’t you think it’s hurting to use a device with freezing and crashing apps? Luckily, you can fix this problem, as it generally happens when you use outdated apps.

So, keep updating your apps and always use the latest version for the best performance.

  • Cracked Screen

Can you operate your expensive iPhone with a cracked screen?

Surely, no as cracked screen makes it challenging for users to use their iPhone easily. Honestly, you can’t fix this problem on your own as you require proper skills and equipment to replace a cracked screen with a new one.

We suggest you take your iPhone to the nearest and certified repair center. The professional technicians use genuine parts and up-to-date equipment to fix your devices perfectly.

  • iPhone Data Lost

Words can’t express the pain of losing your important and confidential data from your device. But this is another most common issue with iPhone. If you have an iCloud backup, then you can easily resolve this issue. Just sync your device to iCloud and protect all your necessary files. This syncing process can be performed at night with a locked screen.

However, if the synced data isn’t available on iCloud, rush to the Apple store and find any other possible way out.

  • Problem with Camera

Nothing can match the quality and flawless results of the iPhone camera. Sometimes, the iPhone camera fails to operate properly due to several ambiguous reasons. You can restart your device to see if this trick works on camera or not.

But, if restarting your mobile doesn’t resolve the issue, it indicates that something is wrong with the hardware. No denial; only the professional technicians can help you better in resolving this issue.

  • Battery Drains Quickly

Quick battery drainage is the real headache for iPhone users. The finest way to fix this issue is to turn off the unnecessary apps while using your iPhone (especially for calls). If the iPhone battery issue still exists, contact the professional service providers for a better solution.

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  • Water Damage

Water damage is the worst nightmare for Apple users. Don’t fret if your iPhone is submerged in water, as there is still a possibility to give a new life to your device. Quickly clean and remove the excess water from your smartphone by using tissue paper.

DON’T turn off your device immediately after water damage as it leads to permanent damage. Take a bowl full of rice and put your wet iPhone inside it. Expectedly, rice will absorb the rest of the water from your iPhone within 24 hours.

It’s just a trick that never ensures 100% satisfactory results. If this tip doesn’t work, then seek professional help for a better solution.

  • Sluggish Performance

Sometimes, your iPhone runs slowly due to unusual reasons. But don’t worry because we know how to speed up the performance of a costly iPhone. Firstly, uninstall all the unnecessary apps that affect the memory and performance of the iPhone.

Also, clear the cache and browser history to make your device perform well.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, iPhone is quite delicate and requires proper care for better performance. So, take good care of your smartphone and avoid DIY techniques unless you are pro at fixing your iPhone Repair Singapore professionally.

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