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10 Most Important PPC Trends To Know In 2022

PPC is now considered as one of the primary sources of marketing for businesses to promote themselves on different web and mobile platforms. It currently holds an average CPC (cost per click) of 4$. According to a survey, more than 35% of all businesses are already using the PPC platform with a rise in the number expected by 2022.

PPC marketing provides a huge opportunity for small businesses that want to market their services or products online without having to invest heavily in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The fact of the matter is, even if you have invested thousands of money on SEO it can also go useless because your competitors may outrank you anytime especially if they are ready to dish out some more cash. With PPC, you can be sure that your company is on top of the list as it provides a more effective approach in driving traffic to your site and swiftly converting them into potential leads.

Without further ado, below are the top 10 PPC trends that you need to watch out for in 2022:

1. Increased use of ad blockers

Ad blockers are going to become even more popular in 2022, as people become more and more aware of the dangers of online tracking and data mining. Ad blockers will help users protect their privacy and keep their data safe.

2. More focus on mobile ads

With the growth of mobile usage, businesses will place even more emphasis on mobile ads in 2022. Ads that are optimized for mobile devices will be more effective, resulting in higher click-through rates and conversion rates.

3. Greater use of video ads

Video ads are becoming increasingly popular, and they are likely to experience even greater growth in 2022. Video ads are very effective at capturing attention and driving conversions, so they will continue to be widely used.

4. Increased use of live video ads

Live video ads are another type of popular ad that marketers should watch out for in 2022. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have already started introducing features like news feeds, which combine text posts with videos and images, so it’s very likely that more social media sites will offer similar features. As a result, people will start to expect their favorite websites to include live video ads as well.

5. Use of deep learning technology becomes standard practice among PPC experts

Deep learning is not something reserved for the most advanced companies; it’s becoming easier to implement thanks to cloud computing platforms like Google’s Cloud Platform. Because of this, we’re likely to see even more businesses start implementing deep learning systems in the next few years.

6. Increased use of location-based targeting for local businesses

More and more local businesses are going to start using online advertising platforms that offer location-based targeting in the next few years. This will help them reach new customers and drive up sales, which is why it’s such a powerful trend.

7. More dynamic ads based on context

We’re likely to see marketers rely even more on dynamic ad campaigns in 2022; these campaigns can target users based on their browsing history and current location, and they change depending on the user’s behavior (and preferences). Dynamic ads allow marketers to show ads that are personalized for each user, making them more effective.

8. More cross-platform ad campaigns

By 2022, it’s expected that many businesses will incorporate ads on multiple devices into their overall advertising strategy. Running ads on both mobile and desktop is important right now, but more platforms are likely to become integrated with online advertising in the future (think chat apps like WeChat). This means marketers need to think about how they can incorporate these new platforms into their campaigns if they want them to be successful.

9. Use of Machine Learning Technologies

Use of machine learning technologies becomes standard practice among PPC experts While Google has recently launched its own machine learning system for SEM, this technology has actually been around since 2013, which means there are plenty of companies that already know how to implement it successfully. That’s why we can expect to see the use of machine learning technologies become even more widespread in 2022.

10. More marketers will adopt organic search as a lead generation channel

The search volume for organic keywords is higher than ever right now, which means it’s a popular choice among many SEM professionals. In fact, research from Gleanster predicts that SEO will generate 52% of leads by 2020, as more and more businesses shift their focus away from paid ads and toward content marketing strategies. This is another trend that’s likely to continue into 2022.

And that’s a wrap! 10 trends that should guide your pay-per-click strategy for 2022 and beyond. As you can probably tell, there are a lot of exciting new developments on the horizon for PPC.

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Happy advertising, everyone!

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