10 Most Popular Varieties of Apple Popular in India

An apple a day keeps a doctor away! We all are grown up hearing this statement. We know there is nothing like a fresh apple. You can comfortably find a wide variety of apples in almost every area, including juicy, crisp, sweet, and others. Apple can be eaten as custard, raw, fruit salad and other varieties of apples. Apples are too delicious and loaded with nutrition. There are 1000s of varieties that you can easily find all over the world. We here come with a top 10 most popular varieties of apple which are popular in India. Check out below the 10 Most Popular Apple Varieties.

List of 10 Most Popular Apple Varieties

Following, we are showing the top 10 varieties of apple which are rich in taste and nutrition. Check out below and try to have almost every variety.

1. Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple comes in a bright green color. They are mainly produced in Australia. When granny smith apples get ripe, you can see red on their green skin. These are best for pastries, pies, cakes and earring it fresh. They are delicious, crisp, and crunchy and have a flavorful taste. It is a perfect partner of foods like onions and cheese. Its green skin enhances the looking of any type of dish.

2. Pink Lady Apple

Pink Lady Apple is a superb apple variety that has pink skin. It has a delicious and sweet-tart taste which many people love. It tastes good eating it raw or cooking. If you are a pie lover, the pink lady apple is a perfect choice for you.

3. Cameo Apple

The third apple variety is Cameo Apple which came from Washington. These apples are quite popular among people. In this, you can get yellow and red super delicious apples. These are sweet, juicy, and crispy with a small touch of the tart taste. It comes with yellow and red skin, which is thicker. These are good to have baked, and it tastes superb eaten raw too.

4. Opal Apple

Opal Apple is the next on our list. It comes with yellow skin and has a russeting-like texture on them. It is crispy, fresh with a tart and sweet taste. The crispy structure works superbly in pies, cakes, muffins and tarts.

5. Gala Apple

These apples have yellow skin with red to pink strips. The shape of these apples is the same as Golden and Red delicious apples. Gala apples are balmy and come with a crispy texture. The size of these apples is small among all other apple varieties. You can easily eat Gala Apple uncooked as these skin are thick, which is a good fruit for kids. Its sweet flavour makes Gala apple a superb snack.

6. Honey Crisp Apple

And the next apple variety is Honey Crisp Apple. It was organized by the University of Minnesota and produced in a cold climate. These are sweet and juicy apples and come in a large size. It also has a crispy texture that lasts longer if you store it in the refrigerator. It is perfect to have as a snack.

7. Fuji Apple

It comes with a light green peel with a reddish-orange colour. Fuji Apple is also good for snacks. It is a combination of Rall Janet and Red Delicious. It was discovered in 1930 by a Japanese producer. It is large in size and crispy apple-like Red Delicious Apple with a sweetness.

8. McIntosh Apple

Mclntosh Apple comes with a blend of red, green and golden-white skin. Fresh Mcintosh apples provide you with a tart and crisp flavour. It is a mealy or creamy flavour. Best to have it as apple butter raw and apple sauce. You can also use it for pies, sauces and salads. They are mainly baked.

9. Red Delicious Apple

This Red Delicious Apple is too tasty to eat and comes with red skin with white flecks. They are large, crispy, juicy and have a sweet flavour. These are the choices of almost everyone.

10. Jazz Apple

The last one is Jazz Apples. These are juicy, tangy and sweet apples. It originated from New Zealand. Jazz Apples are crunchy, which makes them a superb ingredient for snacks and salads. If you put them in the refrigerator, even then, they stay crispy.

Factors Required for Good Apple Farming

Following, we are showing some factors that are required to grow fresh and natural apples on farms. Check that out below.

  • Proper machinery of good brands like VST Shakti Tractor, harvester, and other tools and implements.
  • Appropriate weather conditions.
  • Dedicated work.
  • Suitable fertilizers.
  • Proper irrigation and etc.

These all combinedly provide you with a good and fresh apple on your farms. I hope you like this blog, and if you like these top 10 apple varieties, please have all these ones in your life as we all know that Apple contains a good amount of nutritions that prevent you from many diseases. In this era of Covid-19, you have to eat healthy for that Apple is good fruit. And in the end, stay healthy, stay fit. For more informative Tractor blogs, stay connected with us.

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