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10 Profitable Categories for Mobile App Development

At present, we live in a digital world. And, every single industry whether it is retail, logistic, education, travel, or anything, focuses on going digital. Altogether, the way all the companies are making their mark in this digital world is through mobile applications. As a result, mobile app development has played a pivotal role.

Accordingly, the industries are shifting their focus to mobile applications to attract the attention of their potential customers. Hence, it is needless to say some app categories are more profitable or popular than others.

In this blog, we laid down some statistical data that speaks the truth about the importance of mobile app development. And, we will point out the 10 most important categories to go for in mobile app development.

Importance of Mobile App Development – The Stats

Ever since the covid-19 pandemic affected the entire world, the importance of mobile applications has increased. With people not being able to step outside as before, more and more of the population are choosing alternative digital platforms.

Here, we have jotted down a few steps that will show the rising importance of mobile app development.

  • There is a total increase of 48% mobile app users since 2020
  • Also, there has been an increase of a total of 15% of mobile app users in the USA alone
  • While in India the app users increased by an altogether of 35%
  • At present, the countries handle 70% of the health-related issues online through mobile apps
  • About the total digital media users, 57% are from mobile applications only
  • Most of the users spend over 75% of their online time on their top 3 mobile apps
  • Lastly, in the past year, there has been a 32% increase in mobile app installation

In this regard, the healthcare sector and e-learning apps are the most popular ones. With a 90% increase in the popularity of e-learning apps, we are witnessing a left shift to online classrooms.

Moreover, that is not all. Here, are the top 10 app categories you can go for. So, if you are planning to invest in mobile app development company, you can go for any of these 10.

1. Healthcare

The most important thing at the moment is healthcare. Staying healthy both physically and mentally is vital for survival given the risky situation of the present. And, healthcare applications are the savior at the moment.

Furthermore, there are two types of healthcare applications you can choose from. You can either go for an app that helps people connect to doctors or healthcare professionals when in need.

Or else, you can go for an application where people can find medicines and other healthcare supplies, and in fact, get home delivery for those. Both types of healthcare apps are vastly popular at the moment.

And, choosing any one of these two parts of healthcare to incorporate in mobile app development will be beneficial.

2. E-learning

Ever since 2020, all the educational institutions, schools, colleges, vocational learning centers, etc stopped counting the physical attendance. The risk of getting the virus is the reason why people are preferring to avoid crowded classrooms. And, this has given birth to the importance of e-learning applications.

Which an e-learning app, the user can learn new things, get quality materials for studying, and even go for mock tests. Most educational institutions are replacing the regular classroom with a virtual one.

And, every institution is preferring a mobile app for doing so. Therefore, investing in e-learning mobile app development is without any doubt a profitable mode of the tech business.

Additionally, the students are getting used to learning and studying from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, these apps won’t lose their relevance soon.

3. Grocery

Everyday items like groceries are mandatory for living. People need their groceries regularly. And, recent studies indicate that around 70% of people prefer buying groceries through mobile apps nowadays.

As a result, mobile app development for grocery items that offer home delivery options is capturing the market. So, if you want a mobile app that will generate profit for sure, then you can go for grocery apps.

4. Food delivery

The next most popular application at present is food delivery apps. As people cannot eat out at the restaurants like before, they are choosing food delivery to satisfy their taste buds. Food delivery apps usually offer a listing of multiple restaurants that are near your location.

Accordingly, around 21% of the restaurants switch to food delivery apps and these are the ones that are maintaining a steady profit regardless of the situation. So, if you are in the restaurant business, you can go for a food delivery app for your restaurant.

The users can check out the menu and see the prices before ordering. And, the apps usually notify the users regarding by what time their order will be delivered.

5. Job hunt

The job market at present is going through a downfall. And, this is overwhelming for job seekers. Now, most companies are not allowing walk-in interviews anymore. So, the best way of getting information regarding available jobs and applying for the suitable one is through a job hunting mobile app.

Here, the job seekers can see the openings, eligibility criteria, along salary. And, job seekers are flocking to job hunt apps for convenience. So, you can invest in job hunting apps if you are going for mobile app development.

6. Dating

Currently, over 2 billion people use dating apps. That is like around 30% of the world’s population. People nowadays prefer dating apps so that they can check the compatibility beforehand.

We live in a fast-paced world and no one has time to look for their soulmate in coffee shops or libraries. So, you can invest in dating apps and the profit will be guaranteed.

7. Entertainment

Pretty much everyone says ‘Netflix and chill’ when someone asks how they are going to spend their weekend. Entertainment is necessary to help us get through mundane everyday life.

Moreover, entertainment applications such as Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, HBO, BBC, CNN, and so on are the new popular things. Entertainment apps are the new television. People will need entertainment when they are burned out. That is why going for entertainment mobile app development can be a great choice.

8. Fitness

With people not being able to go to gyms or fitness classes, the need for staying in shape is greater than ever. And, it is the fitness apps that are replacing the gyms at the moment.

You can choose Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc specific categories. Otherwise, you can choose to go for mobile app development for fitness in general. Further, having categories like HIIT, Cardio, Strength training, and such will definitely increase user engagement.

9. Banking or Finance

We need money for everything. And, the majority of us manage our money with a bank of our choice. As people cannot go out as often as they used to, handling the finances opposing some issues.

In this regard, banking or finance apps are bridging the gap between a person and their banks. These apps allow a person to transfer money, receive payments and even open a bank account from a mobile phone.

Also, some people want apps that will give them updates regarding the stock market. And thus, investing in banking or finance apps is indeed a clever option.

10. Social Media

Social media has always been important in our everyday lives. With a pandemic going on when people can barely go out of their homes and socialize, social media apps are what keep the human connection intact.

We, human beings, need support from friends and family. We need a social circle. And, social media applications are the platform through which a person can communicate with their social circle.

Therefore, creating an app that will help in communication with others is definitely a profitable option in the present day scenario.

Wrapping Up

Mobile app development is one of the best ways of strengthening the marketing strategy for a business. And, as it comes to skills, having a broad knowledge of mobile app development can help a person land the job of their dreams. So, think great, choose mobile app development. For any queries, contact 4 Ways Technologies.


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