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10 simple ways to increase Instagram engagement

Instagram engagement can help your business to grow.

Tip 1: Create custom stickers and filters

Sprinkle a touch of your brand dust onto other users’ posts by making custom stickers and filters available in Stories.

Sephora launched a special “Holiday Beauty Q&A” AR filter for makeup fans to use on their own Stories over Christmas, to assist spread the Sephora brand and build community.


Tip 2: answer questions and comments

When the comments start flying in — in response to all or any your fun new photo and video content, in fact — it’s only polite to reply . You can also buy Instagram comments.

Acknowledging your commenters and participating in conversations makes followers feel seen and heard, and excited to talk with you again within the future.

Sunscreen brand Supergoop not only prompts followers to share their favorite products within the comments of this post, they also happily cut in to share recommendations and offer positive support for everyone’s choices.

To track any indirect mentions happening outside of your page, just found out search streams on your Hootsuite dashboard so you don’t miss an opportunity to stay the conversation going.

Tip 3: Get experimental

You’ll never determine what works best for your brand until you test, measure and tweak.

The beauty of social media is that it’s made for experimentation. If something works, you recognize pretty quickly; if it’s a flop, lesson learned with little risk.

So get creative… just confirm to stay an in depth eye on metrics to truly see the impact of your grand ideas. probe our guide to social media A/B testing here.

Tip 4: Post consistently, and at strategic times

The more you post, the more opportunities your followers need to engage. plan to a uniform schedule to stay your feed fresh and your followers intrigued.

Of course, posting consistently at the proper times is vital , too… if you’ve got a post rising when your audience is asleep, you would possibly struggle.


Tip 5: Drive traffic from other sources

Get your Instagram handle out there within the world everywhere you can: share it in your Twitter bio, include it in your email signature, and throw it in your company newsletter.


The more you’ll point people towards the platform, the more eyeballs you’ll get on your content and therefore the more chances for engagement.

Tip 6: Join the conversation

At a banquet (a fun one, anyways), you wouldn’t just wait to be spoken to, right? a number of the time, you’d be prompting the conversation.

The same goes for Instagram. Responding to questions and comments is great; getting out there and starting convos of your own on other posts and pages is even better.

Think of it as a balance of reactive (responding) and proactive (conversation starting) action.

Tip 7: Create topical content

If there’s already a buzz around a current event or holiday, squeeze yourself into that conversation.

When Taylor Swift’s 2020 album drops got everyone talking about cottagecore (everyone), clothing brand Farewell Frances was knowing tag a number of its coats as #cottagecoreaesthetic.

Particularly if there’s a trending hashtag involved, you’ve instantly given your content a “why now” topical hook.

Tip 8: Get active on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have incredible reach. Half a billion people use Stories a day , and 62% of users say they’ve become more curious about a brand or product after seeing it in Stories.

Satirical news site Reductress shares its cheeky headlines both in posts and Stories to capture readers’ attention in two different places.

Satirical news site Reductress shares headlines via posts and stories
Source: Reductress

Not only will people be watching, with Stories, you’ve got the chance to interact with stickers.

Questions, Polls and Countdowns are all opportunities to spark conversation and connect directly together with your fans.

Here are some creative Instagram Story ideas to urge you started, plus all the hacks and features every master Instagrammer should know.

Tip 9: Add strong calls to action

Want engagement from your posts? Sometimes, it just comes right down to asking nicely.

Welks country store didn’t just tell the planet it had puzzles with this post: it gave specific information about the way to purchase them.

A compelling call to action can prompt activity, likes, responses or shares when through with care. inspect our guide to writing the CTA of your dreams here.

Tip 10: Harness the facility of hashtags

Instagram hashtags are a double-edged sword. Used correctly, you’ll drive some serious traffic and build buzz. Overdo it, and you come off looking spammy.

Be thoughtful and strategic about the hashtags you employ , to succeed in a selected community or industry, join a trending conversation, push a branded campaign or identify your service offerings.

Illustrator Cecile Dormeau, for instance , tagged her sweet drawing with both art-related hashtags and mental-health ones.

The consensus is that 11 or fewer hashtags is that the right number to seem professional but not desperate. More info on making the foremost of Instagram hashtags up here .

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