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1986 American Silver Eagles Coins

The 1986 American Silver Eagles Coins are silver collector coins minted by the United States Mint. They’re comprised entirely of silver and are still available to be purchased today. Whether you’re looking to add them to your own collection or give them to someone, they’re fantastic coins to have! They’re also a great way to start collecting silver coins if you haven’t done so already! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. This is a great way to invest in silver bullion coins.

Buying 1986 American Silver Eagle coins can protect your wealth in more ways than you can imagine. These coins are often the choice of investors for their value.  The coin’s value is due in part to its .999 fine silver content.  The face value of these coins is worth $1 USD, while their bullion value is $1 USD.  The face value is the legal value of the coin in the country it is minted, while bullion value is the value of the metal the coin is made of.  Why buy 1986 American silver Eagles coins?

 1986 American Silver  Eagle  Coin is a  renowned coin that is loved by coin collectors around the world.  It is partly due to the fact that the 1986 coin is the first edition of 1986.

1986 American Silver Eagles coins are considered to be some of the finest silver coins in the world. They are officially minted by the United States government and are also legally used in many trade transactions. This coin contains one troy ounce of pure silver, meaning that it is no less than .999 fine meaning that there are no impurities in it. This coin is guaranteed to contain that much pure silver, even though it will wear away over time. These coins are considered to be some of the finest in the world, not only because of the purity, but also because of the intricate designs on the front of each coin.

One of the most popular silver coins is the American Silver Eagle. Each coin is made of .999 fine silver. It is the only coin the U.S. Mint guarantees for its content. It is also one of the few silver bullion coins minted annually. Because of the design changes made every year, the coin is more popular among coin collectors than investors, who are looking for silver bullion value. However, these coins are not just for collectors. With their reasonable prices, more people are buying these coins for their bullion content.

A 1986 American Eagles coins is a coin in the American Eagle series issued in 1986. The front depicts Liberty with a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. The coin’s reverse depicts an eagle landing on the moon. The denomination and motto E PLURIBUS UNUM (meaning “out of many, one”) appears at the top. The year 1986 and thirteen-letter motto IN *** WE TRUST appear in the field below. This coin type is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. It is also minted in 90% silver, 20% copper and 40% silver and 90% silver and 40% copper and was minted in the following mints: Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. An uncirculated American Eagle coin sells for $9.99 while a circulated coin sells for $4.99.

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