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3 Best Alternatives To Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects or AE for short is well-known software in the animation and effects and advertising industry. Whether it’s creating text animation or video advertisements with illustrations or adding various effects it’s the best tool for the job.

And not only has it allow content creators like you to add and apply animations and effects that you can imagine but it also opened a whole new world of opportunities for you. From which you can earn from home online through the various gigs and jobs found on the internet.

Besides this, you are also able to stream your talent through your creations. As they are a visual representation of your skills and creativity. But can everyone use it? Well, there are various tutorials on it on the internet but does everyone get it easily.

Like, suppose you are a novel writer who has never written a single line of code in his entire lifetime. But if you were told to suddenly learn coding to its core so that you can develop your own from the resources found on the internet how much time do you think would it take? 

I am not saying that it’s impossible for you but everyone has different strengths. Some might be talented enough to learn it in a fast space which it might take up a lot of time for others. And if you are the latter then forget about creating one understanding the basics will be a huge toll on you.

Well, the same is here as well. Even if you are a seasoned graphics designer, if you are new to Adobe After Effects, you would probably feel a little intimidated because of its complex user interface. And it’s not uncommon without technical knowledge of working with interfaces with similar complexity can really get under your skin.

And besides, adobe after effects is an adobe product so even if you can operate it does mean that you can afford it. Yeah, you heard me right. If it was a one-time purchase for lifetime support this would have been overlooked and a monthly subscription of US $31.49/month or US $239.88/year. Not everyone can’t afford such a price along with mastering such complex functionalities. Thus I have prepared some alternatives that might pique your interest.

Fusion 16

If you are interested in awesome visual effects, virtual reality, motion graphics, etc. then fusion 16 is for you. It’s similar to after effects, it’s timeline-based. Various complex animations and effects can be achieved using it. It’s a one-time purchase software that’s worth $299 there’s also a free version of it from DaVinci Resolve which is very good for beginners. And as a beginner, you can use the free version to create awesome videos. There’s even an upgrade available now Fusion 17.


Well, who hasn’t heard the name of wondershare filmora. Which is a very powerful video edit software. Also, its user interface is quite slick and easy to use. What makes it more appealing is its preloaded effects and intros that can help on a lot of occasions. It has both a free version as well as a paid version. There are some functions and effects in the free version that can only be accessed through the premium version. Besides, there is also a watermark when you use it to edit a video that can easily be removed if you upgrade. Though it has subscription plans if you want you can buy it for $89.99 which is a one-time purchase.


When it comes to a 3D designing bender is the first software that comes to mind. Not only is it powerful to create 3D images but did you know that you can also do awesome 3D composition on it as well. And the most fun part is that it’s free. But did you know that you can also create wonderful 3D compositions on it as well? Well, it’s true. And the VFX that you can create using it is quite good as well.

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