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3 Ways Converting Manual Tasks to Digital Tasks Can Reduce Mistakes

Although sometimes the old ways are the best, there is no doubting the fact that certain tasks can have a vast reduction in mistakes when done digitally rather than manually.

Understandably, this will be a difficult switch for some (those who have never learned to use a computer may need to take a quick IT course, for example) and won’t suit 100% of people. However, for those who feel comfortable doing so, the use of software or internet systems can help protect you against making mistakes.

  • Paying employees

If you’re a business owner who pays into your employees’ bank accounts each month, you could well be hoping for a quicker and easier way to process the payments. Perhaps one month you had a complaint because you didn’t pay a staff member for the overtime they worked, or maybe you lost a payment to a new recruit because you misread their handwriting when they provided you with a bank account number. Either way, using the extraordinary software for HR that is available today will benefit you greatly.

Employees are able to correctly upload their payment details – removing the chances of misread handwriting – as well as record their agreed working hours to make sure they get paid correctly. What’s more, the payments can be automated so that you never miss another pay day, keeping you and your employees happy.

  • Internet banking

Using digital platforms for finances doesn’t have to be kept to the business sector either, with high-functioning internet banking systems available for the vast majority of people using US banks.

Internet banking improves security and accuracy – when making a bank transfer, the user is often prompted to check account numbers and the amount of money being sent to reduce mistakes. Many internet banking providers also show fraud awareness prompts when you are sending money to somebody you haven’t done so previously, keeping you on your toes about scammers.

There are budgeting functions which are much less prone to errors than keeping a handwritten chart in the back of a scrapbook, and different types of accounts are explained in detail, so you don’t make a mistake when choosing your next savings or investment fund.

  • Utilities

Digitizing the manual task of reading energy meters is something that 75% of American homes have already done thanks to the installation of smart meters.

Smart meters measure your energy usage as you go along, showing you how much you have used during the day, at night, on a weekend or even over a whole month. This is then broken down into how much it is costing you, helping you to make decisions on where best to save a few cents – perhaps you are leaving lights on at night or washing clothes during the day when energy is more expensive.

As they take meter readings as you use energy in real time, they also reduce the amount of errors made in mis-read meters, which could save you money and a whole lot of hassle if you were to be wrongly charged.

Humans make errors. They might be stressed, tired, worried about an upcoming meeting, trying to complete work too quickly or even be doing a job that is too boring to hold their attention. By digitizing the tasks that you are able to, you free up your employees to focus on the problem solving and creative tasks which they are paid to do and that computers just can’t compete in.

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