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4 Common Myths About Solar Energy

In 2019, every American used an average of 10,649 kWh of energy — and only about 12% of that energy was renewable.

We all want to save money on energy and live greener lives, but are solar panels really the solution? Aren’t they expensive, hard to install, and difficult to run?

Thankfully, none of these solar myths are true. If that’s news to you, keep reading. We’ll bust the most common solar energy myths so you can get on your way to having your own clean, renewable, solar energy source.

  1. Solar Panels Only Work When It’s Sunny

Despite their name, solar panels actually do still work when it’s cloudy. Some of the sun’s energy filters through the clouds for solar panels to capture. This generates enough electricity to keep your house running even on days when you aren’t bothering to put on sunscreen.

  1. Solar Panels Are Difficult to Install

As with any major electrical project, solar panels aren’t a great candidate for your next DIY project.

However, with a solar installation company, installing solar panels will be easy. A good solar company will install solar panels quickly and safely, link them into your existing energy system, and make it easy for you to begin using them.

  1. Solar Energy is Too Expensive

We’ll admit it: in yesteryear, solar panels cost a pretty penny. Today, though, they’re truly cost-effective.

Not only have prices for solar panels become more affordable, but there are many rebates, incentives, and subsidies available to help as many people as possible access green energy. If you take advantage of the incentives available to you, you could save thousands on the cost of buying and installing solar panels.

Plus, don’t forget that solar panels pay for themselves by saving you money on energy costs. There are also tax benefits to using solar energy as well. Any reputable tax program such as TurboTax Free will automatically be updated with the latest tax credits, deductions, etc. If you’re still unsure, the best thing you can do is to consult with a local CPA as they will be fully informed on the latest solar tax incentives.

  1. Solar Panels Won’t Generate Enough Energy

When you install solar panels, you don’t get a one-size-fits-all solution. The solar company will work with you to see how many solar panels you need to cover your energy needs, based on factors like:

  • Your geographical location
  • How much energy you use per day
  • The orientation of your house
  • The slope of your roof
  • Weather patterns in your area

This ensures that you get the right number of panels for you, so that you always have enough solar energy to meet your needs.

No, solar energy won’t cover all the electricity your home uses. For instance, it can’t supply energy after sundown, so your system will switch back to conventional energy to power your home after dark.

However, it can still effectively cover most of the energy your home uses. This will slash your electrical bill while still leaving you with a backup energy system to fill in the gaps.

Don’t Believe the Myths About Solar Energy

With affordable subsidies, easy installation, and constant energy production, solar energy isn’t out of reach for you. Don’t let myths about solar panels keep you from getting the green energy you want. Get started with solar energy today!

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