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5 Applications to earn money with your mobile

5 Applications to earn money with your mobile, today most people have a mobile (or cell phone) and carry it everywhere. You’re probably reading this article from yours right now. And surely, you have several applications that you are constantly updating or you may even like to discover new ones. But, did you know that there are applications to earn money and that they are free? Well, don’t worry about the answer, we are going to review this entertaining method with which you can earn a few extra euros a month in your free time.

I have compiled a list of the apps to earn money that I like the most, with a brief description of each one. Of course, do not think that you are going to earn astronomical amounts of money. Your earnings will be a few euros a month, which is better than nothing, don’t you think?

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Why use these applications?

These apps act as intermediaries between companies and people, and in recent years they have become fashionable for two main reasons:

  • It allows companies to identify the impact of their products in real-time.
  • It allows users to earn some money in their spare time, easily and without special knowledge.
  • In summary, with these applications, we all win: companies obtain information and users earn little money.

How do apps work to earn money?

The operation is very simple.

First, you have to download the application on your mobile and register.

Then, depending on the app, you will have to carry out different actions to earn money or points and then exchange for money or gifts.

How to make money with an application?

The apps to earn money have different tasks that you must fulfill and for which you will receive rewards, some actions are:

  • Download and test free apps
  • Try free games
  • Watch advertising videos
  • Complete surveys
  • Give your opinion
  • Also in some apps, you can also earn for your referrals.

In each task or action, you will be told the money or points that you will earn when you complete it. This money or points will be added to your account and you can redeem it when you reach the minimum required by each company and by the means of payment you choose.

What is a referral?

Before, I have told you that you can also earn money from your referrals. Well, a referral is a friend, acquaintance or another person who registers to the application on the recommendation of another person, that is, you.

When you register, you will receive a unique code that is used to identify you and your referral network.

The friends you invite to the application must sign up using your code, so they become your referrals, and you will also build your referral network, with which you can earn a percentage of their future earnings.

Depending on the company, there will be a maximum level of referrals for which you can earn points or extra money. Typically, companies offer a maximum of 2 levels.

Some tips for you to start making money with applications:

  • Take advantage of your free time. For example, when you go on the subway or bus on the way to work, when you are waiting for your friends, etc … any free time.
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, create one ( in this article I tell you how to do it ). Many of the companies use this means of payment.
  • If you already have your PayPal account, don’t forget to verify it .
  • It is also important that you verify and check your email , since in many cases, it is where they will send you the code of your gift cards.
  • If an application (that you download to test) asks for your phone number NEVER put it, because you will be subscribing to a paid service.
  • Sometimes they will ask you to subscribe to offers that are free for a few days and then become paid. If you do, do not forget to unsubscribe before the term ends so that you will not be charged for any subscription.
  • Do not forget to send an invitation to your friends and acquaintances, to create your network of referrals.

3 Applications to earn money

These are for me, the 10 best applications to earn extra money. In each image, you can also see the average rating of the users of these apps made on Google Play.

1. Gift Hunter Club

It is a website and an app to earn money and is available for Android. You can earn points by watching videos, testing apps, surveys, or contests. These points can be exchanged for PayPal money or for gifts. The minimum payment is 2 euros or 2 dollars.

It also has two levels of referrals: you get 10% of the earnings of your guests and 5% of those that they invite.

Another advantage is that you can earn points through the web or the application. I use the web and the app, and I am very happy, both are very lively and easy.

If you too want to try Gift Hunter Club and earn your first points,  click here to go to the web. If you prefer, you can use this code: EQLC6Y when downloading the app. Remember that without a friend’s code you don’t earn any welcome points. Yes, obviously, you will also be helping me, but think that we all win.

2. Gelt

Another of my favorite applications to earn money with my mobile is Gelt. Available for Android and also iOS.

Unlike the other apps on this list, in Gelt you accumulate money that you can later withdraw at an ATM.

And in exchange for what do they pay you? This application pays you to take photos of your supermarket purchase receipt and upload them when you have bought any of the products of your selection. In other words, it is a cashback application.

For example, when you buy a chocolate bar of a certain brand, you take the photo of the purchase receipt, upload the photo to the app and select the product you have purchased from the list. They will refund you between 10 cents and 1 euro per product.

Besides, you can also invite your friends to use this page and earn money . For each guest who uses your link and uploads their first ticket, you will earn 50 cents.

When you have reached 20 euros you can request payment in cash through an ATM.

It’s easy to make money with this app, right? However, there are two drawbacks: it is only available in Spain and not all products are worth it .

Recommendation: when you go to the supermarket, look at the list of gelt products.

3. Beruby

This cashback website also has an application to earn money with your iOS or Android mobile. But in this case, you are reimbursed for your purchases in an online store, it can be a percentage of your total purchase or a fixed amount for a minimum purchase amount.

You can also find other ways to earn money without buying. For example: invite your friends (referrals), visit web pages or watch videos.

You can request a payment when your “confirmed balance” has reached a minimum of 10 euros. If you live in Spain, payments can be made by PayPal or bank transfer. If you live in another country, payments will only be made to your PayPal account.

Recommendation: Before buying online, check the stores that have cashback in Beruby. It is a good way to save.

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