5 Call Center Quality Assurance Software Best Practices To Ensure Business Success

Customer service is becoming increasingly important in an age where customer experience has become a key differentiator for businesses. Today no call center can afford to neglect its quality assurance (QA) process. A good quality assurance program, which revolves around analyzing and improving agent performance. It can ensure the quality of each of your customer interactions. Some of the key benefits of a high-quality QA program are:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Streamlined customer service
  • High-performing, highly engaged, agents
  • Improved first-contact resolution (FCR) rate
  • Identifying ways to boost your bottom line

The quality assurance process can be simplified and effectively streamlined with the help of a call center quality assurance software. The simple, user-friendly design of a quality assurance software can make it accessible to employees at all levels, streamlining the overall process.

Nowadays, there are many quality assurance software available in the market. The sheer volume of options can leave a first-time user perplexed. For this, you need to follow the QA best practices and look for software that can help you follow those.

#1. Monitor across multiple channels

Studies show that 67% of consumers utilize multiple platforms before committing to a purchase, while 64% expect real-time brand assistance across any channel they’re using. Looking at the above stat, it is clear that omnichannel customer service is a prerequisite of keeping the customers engaged and satisfied. Aligning with that need, it is also essential to perform quality assurance on each channel to maximize the level of service they at each customer touchpoint. Therefore, your call center quality assurance software should enable you to the quality of interactions quickly and easily across all channels. It can save time and speeds up the overall QA process.

#2. Detailed call monitoring and performance checks

A good QA software makes it possible to schedule regular performance checks and keep an eye on all agents’ customer-service skills. Referring to hard data about your employees’ competence ensures that metrics are being met.

Call monitoring option offers managers the chance to analyze calls. As valuable examples for problem-solving, bringing your agents closer to providing impeccable customer service. In addition, real-time call monitoring and feedback option minimizes the number of errors and improves consistent CX delivery.

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#3. Efficient quality process

With the help of a new-age call center quality assurance software. So you can centralize your data and access crucial stats from one dashboard. In addition, utilizing cutting-edge software streamlines the overall QA process. It boosts team productivity by offering agents almost real-time feedback when incorporated with robotic process automation solutions, helping them achieve goals more effectively.

#4. Build custom scorecards

A scorecard allows you to evaluate each customer interaction according to multiple metrics, gathering critical data on agents’ performance. By grading every aspects of a conversation on a scale, your managers and QA analysts can gain deep insight into strengths and weaknesses. The right call center quality assurace software allows you to build custom scorecards that target specific KPIs which align with your company goals and values.

#5. Allow agents to offer suggestions

When agents are allowed to take an active role in the quality assurance process. It boosts their engagement and sense of value. Inviting agents to listen to their own feedback and assess their performance can help them perform better. By combining your call center Quality assurance software with an artificial intelligence chatbot, you can let your staff collaborate in real-time over chat and share ideas and knowledge, building a stronger and more engaged team.

These are the five best practices that can help you find the best call center QA software for your call center.

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