5 Creative Ideas You Can Improve Your Custom Pillow Boxes

Every brand working out there wants some kind of interesting packaging to change the outlook of the boxes. There are various packaging firms out there who are ready to provide you with some kind of unique boxes that can catch the maximum attention of the onlookers in one go. One of the famous box styles running in the market is the custom pillow boxes. This is one of the best styles to change the outlook of the products.

If you are manufacturing any kind of product you can simply avail of the pillow shape packaging to change the entire future of your brand. The pillow style boxes are best as the gift packaging but you can utilize it for running products as well.

The following are some of the creative ideas which you can follow to have awesome boxes:

Floral Artwork Pillow boxes

The floral artwork really attracts the females towards the product. If you are running a cosmetic brand and want to order something like a seasonal product then introduce the lipsticks within the floral pillow box packaging. It is one of the best packaging to attract the onlookers in a huge number.

Further, you can also add the glittery 3d flowers on the pillow shape box to create some kind of magical look of the pillow boxes packaging. And the inclusion of the window patch on the pillow box will look awesome and will attract onlookers at one go. However, it will make people see the inside placed product.

Chocolate Luxurious Boxes

Chocolate is a tasty product eaten by everyone around the world. However, the smell of the chocolates always provides some kind of luxurious feel that is loved by the onlookers. So, create some kind of interesting royal look packaging for your chocolate to show the customers that you deal in a premium product range as well. So, for designing one of the luxurious chocolate boxes, you have to choose a theme. For creating the theme, you can make a mood board and add all your options to that and choose the best idea.

For instance, you can choose the red solid color for the pillow box and wrap it with a ribbon carrying black and white vertical stripes, and at the top of it just tie it with a gold string and a red bow. But the most essential step is to add the name of the chocolate and your brand. So, for this purpose create a circular tag and embellish its outline with gold glittery foiling. And at the middle of the tag add the name of your chocolate and the logo of your brand. Here your luxurious chocolate box is ready…!!

Pastel Color Pillow Packaging

The pastel shades carry great importance in order to soothe the senses. You can create some outstanding boxes by mixing up the pastel shades such as soft and delicate colors. These colors are responsible for giving the customers some elegant touch to their senses. Hire a good packaging company and ask them to design pastel boxes for you.

For instance, if you want to design the pastel boxes then choose the background of the box in pink pastel or blue pastel shade and add a polka dot pattern on the boxes. After this wrap the boxes with a pastel shade ribbon in a vertical manner. And at the middle of the box, you can utilize a circular sticker in white color to paste. However, go for adding the name of the product and the logo of your brand. If you want to add some 3d shapes to embellish the box you can go for it.

Kraft Wooden Shade Pillow boxes

The kraft color in a lighter tone looks outstanding. You can utilize this kind of shade box to create something lavishing. How to do so? You can choose the wooden shade as the solid color of the pillow packaging boxes and tie it with a kraft string and at the middle of the box, you can add a tag in ancient touch by using lavender color to add the logo and name of your brand. This kind of artwork will look unique and nice jewelry can be placed within this box.

3D Pillow Boxes

There is a great trend of 3d boxes nowadays. People love to utilize the boxes which are unique and carry some innovation. You can create some outstanding 3d boxes by adopting the 3d styles. Here go through the three options which you can use to create a unique custom pillow packaging:

Option 1# Choose a pastel blue color for changing the entire background of the pillow box and paste a silver color 3D butterfly at the middle of the box. Additionally, along with this do add a dark blue ribbon at the background of the pillow packaging.

Option2# Choose a black color for changing the entire background of the pillow box and paste a yellow flower with the leaves in the 3D form at the middle of the box. And along with this do add silver polka dots on the entire box.

Option3# Choose a deep blue color for changing the entire background of the pillow box and follow it with a black color polka dots. Then paste a white color jasmine flower with the leaves in the 3D form at the middle of the box.

Here your three options are ready and you can select any of them according to your custom pillow boxes products.


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