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5 Ideas to Creating A Great Visual Content

The Importance of Great Visual Content

In order to have the best content to attract people, it is important that you know what makes creating great visual content easy. When you are creating great visual content, it is so much more than just colors.  

It is the type of content that you use to make sure you can attract people. There are different methods possible when creating great visual content.  These methods will provide you with various ways that are advantageous to your brand and website. This will help in rankings while at the same time also increase sales and leads. 

Five Ways to Creating A Great Visual Content

1- Using infographics to showcase data

Ask yourself, would you rather read a manual with statistics and lengthy sentences. Or a colorful infographic that uses simple icons and text to display information? The choice is pretty obvious. Including a well-designed infographic on your blog post will make people stop and see what you have to say.

But does it increase conversion? Here is some compelling evidence:

Pictures increase memory performance. It has been experimented that people only retain less than 10% of the information that they hear. However, if the information is paired with an image, they are likely to remember 65% of it in the same amount of time. People will always have an easier time reading content that is two paragraphs long that is combined with an image of information.

This way. When you are creating great visual content, visitors will spend time on your website and convert it into a sale or lead. 

More stocks lead to more engagement. According to the branding services, infographics are three times more likely to be shared and liked on platforms such as social media than any other type of content. Because people are more likely to share a post with an infographic, you can reach more people faster on social media.

2- Include video

It’s estimated that adding videos to a marketing email can improve click-through rates by a whopping 150-250%. Do you need more evidence? Further research shows that a huge majority of adults in the UK are more likely to purchase a service or product if there is a video explaining exactly what it is.

It is possible that videos are used to arouse emotions, explain how your product or service works, or introduce your company. It helps potential customers to give your name a face, which makes your company relatable. The keys are keeping it under 2 minutes (even 30 seconds can be ideal for certain social channels), optimizing it for mobile, and asking a question or teasing the content in the caption.

3-  Use a Gifograph

Speaking of video: You can also enhance a static infographic by incorporating animations. Gifographics can still be considered to be new, which means your content will get noticed. While some marketers fear that Gifographs may be difficult to create, it pays to make your information more engaging and dynamic.

4- High-quality images and texts

Using compelling photography is a strategy that you as a marketer should always have in your pocket. Pictures make the content more interesting, and it’s easy to overlay a quote when you have a good quality picture. Photos with quotes or legends are easy to share and can gain importance on social media very quickly.

Using high-quality images is obviously important when you’re campaigning for Instagram, but it’s also effective on Twitter. Tweets with photos are 100% more likely to be retweeted than tweets without pictures. 

Many web development companies can provide you with services that will allow you to create clear, engaging graphics for your next post or status update.

5- Incorporate comics or memes

If you wish to make it funny as part of your marketing strategy. You could do so with the help of a meme or a comic strip. Memes – like the ones tweeted by different brands – offer great social engagement if you get it right. Be careful because you have to be careful not to overstep your mark. 

When creating great visual content, comics are also easy to spot and a great tool. If humor is not part of your branding voice, comic-style fonts and formats are great for a more lighthearted atmosphere and making it easier to explain complex products or topics.

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