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5 Most Popular Proofreading Tools in 2021

Proofreading services are an important part of any assignment that helps service providers. You need to go through this step before submitting any paper. The professional writers also look into their work before publishing it. It is essential to understand the essence of proofreading tools and follow the steps every time. Many students ignore this step before submitting the assignment. It is not wise to do so. 

Proofreading service will help you identify minor errors and rectify them to produce a flawless write-up. There are many proofreading tools available online. Professional editors use such tools to get the work done fast. Technology is constantly changing, and it is essential to be updated with it. Here are the five most popular proofreading tools that an editor must have.

Proofreading Services: 5 Tools that are Popular in 2021

You cannot deny the importance of proofreading services. It is an essential part of any write-up. Students looking for assignment help in Adelaide or anywhere else must check if the service providers follow this step before delivering the final project. It is important to rectify any error in the paper before submitting it. But, it is not possible to make that happen without the right tools. You need to know the correct tools that will help you do the work properly. Below are the five most popular proofreading tools of 2021.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular proofreading tools available online. The tool has all the latest features and is also very easy to use. You can upload or copy, paste your write-up on the website, and Grammarly will assess the entire write-up. It provides you with four options,

  • Correctness
  • Clarity
  • Engagement
  • Delivery

Each option highlights the errors or the rectifications needed to make the write-up better. The correctness section will help you rectify the minor grammatical errors. 

The tool is very useful as it provides options to make some sentences sound better and help in grabbing the reader’s attention. You must also understand which options will be best suited for the write-up. Blindly accepting all the suggestions will not help. But having such an intelligent tool will help you get through any write-up quickly. 

  • ProWriting Aid

Another well known proofreading tool is ProWriting Aid. It is used by many editors and offers more than just editing a specific file. It is the best alternative for Grammarly. You will get similar features on this software. It is used by editors widely and has gained popularity over time. But, when compared to Grammarly, ProWriting Aid falls behind due to many reasons. Few significant reasons are: 

  • Fewer one-click fixes offered
  • The interface is not clean
  • Not an intuitive navigation
  • Presentation of suggestions is not proper
  • Extra features make the screen cluttered

These few drawbacks make it less useful than Grammarly. But, if you need the basic editing done, you can stick to this software. It will save your effort of going through the whole write-up and find out minor errors. The services are also free of cost. It is an added advantage for writers who are planning to make writing their profession. Initially, you might look at using the software to add finesse to your writing and convince an employer. 

  • Hemmingway editor

Hemmingway editor has made a name for itself with time. Many writers, students, assignment help service providers trust Hemmingway for editing their files. The software helps the writers to make the write up more creative. Creativity is an essential part of any write-up. 

You need to know how to use each word correctly to make the write-up impressive. The software will help you with it. The developers are in the process of developing an app as well. You can use the software till then and enjoy proper services. The services can be availed free of cost, and you can get the necessary result quickly. You need to have a proper internet connection to use this software. 

  • Copyscape

Plagiarism has many consequences. The editors need to check if the content is plagiarized and make the necessary changes. The Copyscape software helps the editors do so. It is well known software to detect plagiarism and highlight the same. The editors can look into the underlined portions and change them to curb plagiarism. 

Editing does not only mean rectifying grammatical errors or adding some finesse to a write-up. It also means that you look into all other aspects and make it flawless. Plagiarism is one such aspect, and it needs to be taken very seriously. Professional editors are well aware of it and take the necessary steps to delete any plagiarized sentence. The tool scans the entire write-up to find any match on the internet before showing the results. 

  • Spell check plus

If you are looking for basic software that will help you detect the grammar and spelling mistakes in a paper. The college essay writing service providers use this software to understand and detect grammatical and spelling errors. You can copy and paste your write-up into the software and let it do the rest of the work. The software scans each sentence and highlights the grammatical and spelling errors. 

The software will also provide solutions to the errors highlighted. You can check them and rectify the write-up. The software is very easy to use and has been helpful for many. It also helps in improving your grammar. It is very basic software but is useful when you proofread a paper. 

Proofreading services are essential for everyone who needs to get their write-up checked. The editors must have proofreading tools to get the work done faster. Some service providers do not charge for proofreading contents. They need some software where it is not essential to pay. But, the editors must keep in mind that the tool must be good enough to help them with the work. 

If you are an aspiring writer, you must not settle for any proofreading tool. It is necessary to provide quality samples to your clients. Similarly, a service provider will lose out on its customers if the paper is not well-written. The five proofreading tools are popular in 2021, and editors must use them for their work. 

Author Bio: Anne Gill is a professional writer and editor associated with She has provided proofreading services to students across all levels. Apart from her professional life, she loves watching superhero movies and is a fan of the DC universe. 

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