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5 Public relations tips to help you write a pitch

Tired of spending hours of your day sending emails to every publication that you have ever come across and still not getting enough media coverage?

For what it is believed and the reality of the current scenario, only one out of ten releases are acknowledged by the journalists. The majority of which is because of the ideas which fail to grasp the attention in an environment that is highly competitive.

For those who are new to the Public Relations fraternity and are alien to the term “Pitch”, Let me shed some light on it. Simply put, a pitch is nothing but a message in the form of an email, phone call or any other form of communication, through which the essence and value of your story (Press Release) are highlighted. The length of a pitch must appropriately be ranging somewhere between 150 to 400 words.

A pitch must be written in a way that is timely, quirky and coherent at the same time. Here are some tips that could help you crack a pitch every time.

Research is step 0

Before making a plan of hitting the headlines, it is important to do rigorous research on the media person that you are approaching and the publication that you are targeting. For example, if you figure out that a particular journalist is an environmental activist or has a taste for art, try to include references to connect with her and building a rapport. Well, this is just a chuckle example, however, one can hit the right buttons with some homework. So before you go for a wrap with your pitch, make sure you don’t skip the deductions from your research.

No Group talks

Having shared the importance of personalization in a pitch, you mustn’t add another prospect journalist in BBC, WhatsApp groups or conference calls while presenting a pitch. Every publication has different visions, most often PR professionals paste the pitch over and over again which puts their approaches in vain hence the application of the same pitch to each journalist or editor should be highly avoided.

Short and to the Point

While writing a pitch, do not overshare your story or the idea behind it. You must attempt to get a journalist/editor or media outlet interested in your story. However make your pitch subtle and precise. Oversharing would make you come out as over the line and bogus. Which will ruin your chances to fetch a release for your client. Keep your language as formal as possible while giving put the key references and the value of your society release.

The subject line is the highlight

While initiating a pitch via email which is the most relative medium in today’s times. You must make sure that you always never keep the subject line empty. That is the life of an editor or a journalist of a media publication. The subject line of your pitch email should be able to communicate the message that email is willing to convey. A well-written subjectline answers the basic questions about email content which will make the reader eager to read your pitch.

Show off your writing skills

Since it is important for a PR professional to establish a connection with fellow media individual. So, making an impression is crucial. Moreover, the writing style of your pitch helps them identify the quality of the releases written by you.

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Ravinder Bharti

Ravinder Bharti has ample working experience in digital marketing, SEO, and PR. Public Media Solution is headed by him as the founder, and CEO.

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