5 Reasons to Have a Company Intranet

Your company is growing and you are starting to open remote offices and locations.  You have email, and remote meetings and conferences to keep everyone up to date.  That, however, feels like it’s cumbersome and you want some way to organise and streamline your operations while keeping everyone informed of new developments, policies, procedures and the like.

You should consider implementing a company intranet.

What Is An Intranet

An intranet is a private network contained within an organisation that is used to securely share information and resources.  An intranet can also be used for working in groups and teleconferences.

Intranets facilitate communication within a company or organisation.  They can allow employees to easily access important information.

Once you decide to implement an intranet, one of your first decisions is to select a provider from a list of intranet hosting services.

Improve Internal Communication

This is one of the primary benefits of a company intranet. An intranet seeks to enhance communication by promoting open discussions, sharing knowledge, and updates, and staying in touch with leadership.

Anyone in the company can share information, articles, best practices, successes, and other pertinent information that everyone can comment on and provide feedback.


Connect Across Locations and Time Zones

Intranets act as a central repository for organizations.  They are a place where information can be stored and accessed by the appropriate employees.  Company-wide meetings and conversations can occur.  Company news is shared. Up-to-date policies and procedures can be published and referred to when needed.

All types of information can be stored and maintained, so each employee in your organization has ready access to the information they need.

Reduce Email and Meetings

In a larger organisation, it is easy to get bogged down in meetings and emails.  You want to keep everyone up to date, but at some point, endless meetings and emails, get in the way of actually getting work done.

Intranets with a good integrated instant chat feature can cut down an overflowing email inbox.  When you can have a quick chat, or get a question answered without having to wait for the lag of an email, it makes you more efficient, and you can get more work done faster.

Enhance Company Culture

The heart of any organisation or company is its people.  An intranet can help bring your culture to life by encouraging recognition and leadership.  Sharing best practices and know-how, successes, gains and accomplishments can lead to a sense of pride and accomplishment in the organisation.

A successful intranet contributes to the collective attitude that shapes and defines your company culture.

Automate Tasks

An intranet can be used to automate repetitive routine activities.  By removing or simplifying these tasks you help make your staff and employees more productive.

The potential benefits of a well organised successful intranet can’t be ignored.  Many modern companies are looking for ways to boost their employee experience.  Ways to make their employees feel more connected and involved in the organisation.  A well-designed and implemented intranet can contribute to that effort.

An intranet does have to be managed, and moderated for harmful content.

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