5 steps you can take to make your T-shirt designs go viral!


If you wish your T-shirt designs to go viral, then you must bear a couple of points in mind. Take a look at the viral t-shirt designs. Those are not extraordinary but presentations are different. All the aspects of looks, creativity, and aesthetics must be borne in mind so that a superior final product can be furnished to the end buyers.

This is one of the simplest ways through which your design can connect with a massive number of people across the world.

Let us take a look at five simple ways in which you can make customized hoodies and T-shirts that will go viral in no time.

  • The overall size

The overall size of the image or the design is of paramount importance. Whether it is a picture or a message, the size of the print should be proportionate to the size of the t-shirt you use.  If the size is disproportionate then the design can look clumsy or too insignificant and hence easy to miss the attention. The overall proportion of the design is of much importance if you wish to maintain the aesthetics of the T-shirt. Do take care of the 

  • The content

If you wish your T-shirt design to go viral, the actual content of the design is of utmost importance. The content matters ,must be simple to understand but also relevant  in the context of the contemporary times  you are joining. This is one of the simplest ways through which your design can connect with a massive number of people across the world.

  • Innovative placement

Normally, designs are printed on the front or back or on both sides of a t-shirt. It’s maintained traditionally. You can think a little bit differently. Sleeves, bottom, back bottom, collar, etc. can also be used with some good ideas. Innovative placement of the designs, images, and the message is something that can make a major difference to the final and the overall design as a whole. 

  • Go interactive

Whenever you plan a design or a T-shirt imaging content, try to make the content as interactive as possible. Like, if it is a message that you wish to have on your T-shirt then instead of having a statement tries to get a question in the content. This is a better way through which you can garner attention from the people who take a look at the T-shirt.

  • Try vintage

Vintage designs are always classic and elite in their looks. They are some designs that happen to be evergreen and hence never go out of fashion. This is one of the major reasons why Vintage designs of T-shirts never go out of fashion in the current times. With customized hoodies or t-shirts you can try different types of vintage designs. Do a little bit of research to find your preferences. 

You must try places that are uncommon such as the sleeves or maybe the neck of the T-shirt. It will give freshness to the overall design and will work to improve the overall acceptance of the design.



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