5 Technologies All Business Owners Should be Using

Technology has arguably changed how things work. For instance, you’re probably accessing this information from a technological device just because you chose to check the internet or look for a solution. The business world directly or indirectly depends on the internet and tech-based advancements to thrive. Changes in technology create many benefits for your business, but you must work with appropriate tools to enhance your investment effectively. You should implement these five technologies to help your business thrive in this digital era. 

Use Phone Systems for the Workplace

Most people have a mobile-first mentality, so phone calls remain the most common method of contact in the business world. Technology has transformed business processes, employees’ communication and collaboration, and customer interactions. If multichannel customer service is feasible due to advanced technologies, it must also be acknowledged that most users have a phone-centric mindset.

A Voice over Internet Protocol or a cloud PBX phone system is a necessary investment for your business, whether a small or big organization. An automated help desk phone system allows you to portray your organization as a forward-thinking provider of managed IT services. Using VoIP and cloud-based technologies lets you track incoming and outgoing calls and how much data is used.

Consider adopting business phone systems to improve the quality of service you provide to your clients. Phone systems also allow your team to answer calls and communicate with each other from any location. The system also supports creating contacts with supporters and investors, thereby avoiding possible frequent trips. What’s more, a service provider will help and support your on-premises or cloud-based business phone network. Your staff will no longer need training beyond basic troubleshooting, and you won’t have to worry about finding a reliable IT expert to fix regular technical hitches with the system.

A phone system for your company might indirectly help you save money by reducing missed calls and missed opportunities. Phone systems do not need on-premises installation unless you wish to manage data on your server. In cloud-based phone systems, all company data is accessible to users. Even if you do not have a high-speed Internet connection, you may be able to reduce phone calls by using the benefits of the system’s internet. 

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial component of digital marketing. Hiring SEO professionals may significantly impact your organization, primarily if you operate online. SEO entails employing precise keywords and optimization methods to make it easier for people to locate your website via search engines. When a specific keyword linked to your site is searched for on search engines such as Google, effective SEO strategies may move your site to the top of search results. A well-executed SEO plan will rank your websites and content strategically on search engine results pages for targeted keywords. This will help you attract potential customers and bring them into your sales pipeline.

Your business should engage in SEO to maintain a customer voice and visibility. And in the long run, if you want to reach more online consumers, you must devote time and resources to SEO. High-ranking content is more likely to get clicks and attention than low-ranking content. Google seeks valuable, relevant content that answers a particular inquiry. Since the gap between highly and lowly ranked websites is getting bigger, you should always try to improve your rankings.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Are you one of those who feel intimidated whenever the term “artificial intelligence” is mentioned? Don’t worry. The concept of AI may be complex, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t put it into use to facilitate your business processes. If you want to implement an autonomous system to fast-track and boost your internal and external operations, consider making AI your business friend. 

Some benefits of employing AI in your business include streamlining the process of workforce management, automation of software data synchronization, enhancing customer and prospective customer tracking, boosting content creation and marketing, and many more. You can use AI differently via software, applications, programs, standalone solutions, or design feature kits.

For instance, chatbot technology is a broader aspect of AI as far as business communication is concerned. You can add chatbots to your social media and messaging apps like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram to help you talk to your customers and potential customers, help them with the buying process and let them know about important news. Interestingly, chatbots are specific, convenient, effective, and available anytime.

Remote Working

Modern technology has a significant impact on remote working. Interestingly, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic had a positive influence on remote work. Many businesses allow their employees to work from home, which has several advantages, such as increased productivity, lower costs, and improved employee well-being. Essential tools for remote work are tech-based. You should consider allowing your employees to work remotely whenever necessary.

Building an integrated remote working system for your business can go a long way in boosting productivity. Consider a situation where you work on a project with a fixed schedule and deadline. You can easily carry it home and work on it over the weekend remotely to beat the deadline. How about being on a holiday trip and doing your work from a laptop? Besides, a well-established remote working platform, infrastructure, or system enables your employees to interact and collaborate irrespective of their location. 

Flexibility is the key to excellent performance. It would help if you positioned your working atmosphere and culture in a way that allows your workforce to be flexible and motivated. This will help to attract the best talent in the job market while also increasing productivity in the long run. Besides, you can automate some of your tools such that employees don’t need any in-house supervision to operate them. Automation enables you to develop an integrated tech stack for more effortless operation of tasks and recording and monitoring of KPIs.

Business Internet

How will you feel if your internet connection is constantly unreliable? Stable and effective internet is crucial for the operations of any organization. You don’t want your team to feel unproductive, annoyed, or frustrated due to unstable internet quality. Remember, a large percentage of your operation depends on the internet, directly or indirectly. For instance, digital marketing, email, AI, automation, printing, and many more may fail if you provide a crappy internet connection. As a result, you’ll experience low sales volume, interruption of operations, insufficient communication, and lack of automation, all of which lead to low productivity in the long run.

Consider upgrading your internet to a stable, reliable, and safe business internet connection to work efficiently, effectively, and productively. Pick a reliable internet provider and a secure and stable plan that will satisfy your business demands. A good internet connection also boosts your cloud storage capability and real-time tracking of all your files, inventory, customer data, and other crucial business documents. Cloud storage reduces the risks involved in saving files and data manually. You only need an internet connection to access the virtually stored data. It’s also much easier to retrieve and store data from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, cloud storage is efficient and can boost the exchange of information within your company and beyond.

Remember, there are several other technologies that you can utilize in your business. However, consider implementing the five technologies discussed above to increase customer retention, employee productivity, and customer growth.

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