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Digital Marketing

5 ways to get a free logo.

A well-made logo can be a work of art in today’s state of contemporary logo design. A logo enhances brand awareness by providing unforgettable graphics. Any time it is shown, it strengthens brand connections. For first-time audiences, it communicates who you are and what you do. That is not to assume that having a free logo is equivalent to hiring an accredited artist. Rather, it is a pragmatic approach that comes at a premium. Consider these aspects before proceeding with a free logo design or packaging design. 

With graphics that elicit emotional connotations, you will affect how your brand is viewed. Free logo creation is critical for the early stages of brand growth for businesses with a limited budget. Freelance Bazar has enlisted 5 amazing ways, or you can say tools to get a free logo for your business or organization.  


Hatchful is one of the simplest and most user-friendly free logo creators, so it is a nice place to start. Hatchful has the best GUI for mobile devices, due to its versatility and smart design. Hatchful is designed for complete novices, automating as much of the procedure as possible. They begin by asking you a series of questions to narrow down the kind of logo design and packaging design you want first your market, then your brand personality, and finally, where the logos will be used.

The AI then creates a sequence of sample logos for you to review and choose from. If you choose to make small improvements, you can also configure them in the style editor. However, one of the drawbacks is the file formats it has. Since you just get PNG images and no vector files, you will not be able to use the logo design in bigger sizes or print it in high resolution. However, Freelance Bazar would suggest that if you need right now is a small picture for the corner of your website, it may suffice for the time being.

Pros- It is simple and easy, and it has an automation element too. Apart from this, you download its version for free.

Cons-It has less customization and only PNGs format can be downloaded.


Squarespace is well-known for its DIY creator, which helps everyone, regardless of skill, to create their website. Is the same model they use for Squarespace Logo Maker, a layout design editor that is user-friendly for the novice. They still use the same drag-and-drop feature that makes their site builder so easy to use. Nevertheless, unlike some of the other free logo design creators on this list, Squarespace does not support AI. For better or worse, you would create your logo design from zero, using the building blocks they provided. Whilst also this can be a deal-breaker for people who wish to limit their efforts, the Squarespace Logo Maker is a choice for people who already have a logo concept and want to create one themselves. However, keep in mind that you can only receive your logo design in PNG format, which means it will not be completely functional.

Pros-Great customization features along with easy drag and drop options.

Cons- For downloading only PNG format is there.


Inkscape is a free vector graphics editor for the desktop. Overall, it is a very amazing high-quality modeling program that is available for free. However, this is a double-edged sword; the more features and interface choices they have, the more difficult it is for newcomers to use. Inkscape is an open-source technology, which ensures it is constantly updated and has a huge developer group helping to better it. However, since it is free software, do not assume the same level of reliability or scope of choice as paid software. Overall, it is perfect for people who want to study design but do not want to spend on more pricey tools.

Pros- Free to use and is open-source. It is apt for vector design like if you want to do packaging design then it is a good option.

Cons- It only provides a format in SVG and MAC does not support it.


Vectr is like Inkscape Lite. It is not a completely functioning design editor, but although it lacks some of the functionality found in Inkscape, it has more in terms of onboarding and assisting newcomers. You can also choose whether to download it or use it digitally. Vectr helps you to dive by tossing you in the pool in the absence of AI advice. Since you already have a slogan for the logo design in mind, you will be looking at a blank canvas for a bit. Vectr does not have a lot of premade logo design, so you will have to make your own.

Pros-PNG, SVG, JPG formats are available, and it is good for packaging design.

Cons-It has fewer inbuilt elements, and you need to design from scratch.


Logomakr is a cross between intricate, advanced system editors and simple, beginner-level computerized logo generators. It has inbuilt features which are very intricate and artistic. The logo design library allows you to build a logo in seconds, and the tutorials will show you more specialized strategies to go the extra mile. However, Logomakr has a significant drawback that you can only copy a low-resolution file for free; the remainder must be purchased. As a result, it is somewhat less free than the other free logo design options. Yet another thing to remember is that the icons can be used by anybody, so if you select one for your logo, you should be mindful that it may not be original, and for packaging design, it will pose a problem for you.

Pros-Customization is available, and it has a good GUI.

Cons- It is not free.


Although it is more costly than free, hiring a talented artist to create a logo would be worthwhile in the long run. Starting a logo design contest exposes you to scores of logo designs created by expert artists, ensuring that you end up with something original and on-brand.

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