6 Important Tips on How to Create Workflows

It’s Monday morning, and you overslept.

But you’re not worried about not being able to get all of your work done. You’re positive you’ll even be able to make it an early day, despite your late start.

What’s your secret?

You have a rock-solid workflow. One that will guide you through every step of the day, so you don’t have to overthink anything. If you’re tired of rushing, and stressing, and being stuck at work late, then it’s time for a change.

Read on to learn the best tricks to create workflows.

  1. Know Your Objectives With Workflow Automation

To create a workflow, you have to know your objectives. A good flow can help in both your working and personal life. It’s the parts of your day you streamline, saving you time overall.

Workflows are not just for programmers or people who have jobs with tons of automated procedures! Even if you’re a freelancer who has to perform tasks independently without the help of a company, workflows can still benefit you. It’s about ensuring that you’re spending an appropriate amount of time doing something and not wasting it by performing menial tasks.

  1. Evaluate Your Situation

One of the next steps to create workflows is evaluating whether or not your current situation can benefit from one. Ask yourself: Are there any annoying parts of my daily routine that I want to automate?

Do I procrastinate completing specific tasks because I don’t want to do them? Is there something that can be done to make things easier for me? The answers will determine if you should start creating a workflow.

If the answer is yes to the questions above, think about what parts of your routine you can streamline. What steps are causing problems for you right now? What parts of the task are taking up most of your time? Once you’ve got that list, it’s much easier to decide what tools or platforms can help you get the proper data insight.

For example, let’s say you’re a freelancer, and you have to create a new blog post every Monday, you need to create a list for your task. If you have to do some research for new topics, you are going to write the post itself, and then save it in your blog. Those are different tasks that require a lot of time and effort. By doing these, you can also use to do list template, this will make your task a lot easier by simply adding your tasks to the list.

Fortunately, there are tools online which can help you create checklists, so you don’t forget any steps. By using an automation platform for process-related tasks, you’ll be able to complete everything faster. You could even go a step further and outsource your content creation if it’s within your budget.

  1. Explore Automation Platforms

The next step is knowing what automation tools or platforms are out there. There are plenty of these available both online and offline (sometimes even both). You can start by reading community forums online that focus on workflow automation.

Look for programs that offer free trials so that you can get a feel for all of the features. If possible, hold out for a platform that provides a 30-day free trial. You can test it out for 30 days with a free week trial. A free week trial is fantastic, but a month will provide you with a better idea of what to expect.

  1. Use Offline Tools

Don’t forget to take advantage of offline tools too! You don’t have to do everything digitally.

For example, maybe there’s a specific notebook to write down all the steps needed to complete a task. Or, perhaps you have a handy whiteboard that you can use to write down the day’s tasks. The idea here is to have your daily goals visible, at all times.

As long as whatever tool or program you choose has what you need, it doesn’t matter whether it’s online or offline! It just requires you to function correctly and provide value for you in completing the day smoothly!

  1. Throw Out Your to-Do List

If you’re currently relying on a to-do list to get through the day, you’re holding yourself back. A workflow diagram isn’t a to-do list. Instead, it’s a process that helps you maximize your time. To-do lists are regimented, limiting, and unforgiving.  Whereas workflows are a lot like time mapping.

Time mapping is a technique that helps you organize tasks into blocks of time. You can then use this information to create your workflow. Before you know it, you’ll be able to accomplish more each day! For longer-term goals, you can use a goal mapping worksheet.

  1. How to Create a Workflow for Teams

Are you wondering how to create a workflow for an entire team? This is more difficult than creating one for yourself, but the idea is the same. You’ll want to start by identifying every task that needs completion in the workday.

For example, maybe everyone on your team needs to send out emails every week or gather feedback from clients every month. Instead of giving team members a monthly goal, let them know what their daily goal looks like.

Then use a bit of common sense to think about how to make things flow. If team members send the emails out in the morning, customers will have all day to reply. It could make sense to send out emails in the morning and handle the outgoing feedback phone calls next. Your team members could double-check their inboxes for any replies to the morning’s email.

Next, make sure that the work is evenly distributed. By splitting up the workload amongst multiple people, it becomes less stressful and more manageable for everyone involved!

Create Workflows That Work

Are you ready to create workflows for yourself? Start by writing down what your daily routine currently looks like. Then identify those pain points, you know, the areas slowing you down! Next, look for ways to automate those slow areas, so everything flows smoothly.

Perhaps you’ll use an automation platform or an offline tool like a whiteboard. Once you have all of this figured out, create a workflow for yourself and let the magic happen! Do you want to read another fact-packed article? Then check out the rest of our blog!

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