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6 Indian Keyboards to make typing more fun

At some point, we all have felt like having a keyboards that would understand our language, which would speak in our language, and help us in communicating with our loved ones that too in our mother tongue or regional language. We love to have stickers, GIF with inbuilt regional languages. 

While this pandemic has limited us to our mobile phones and chatting, these keyboards made chatting way more fun by adding regional punchlines, famous movie dialogues which made the whole process fun. While you chat and your mind are struck with relatable funny dialogue there should be an option to say so in that particular accent.

We all have seen many elderly people coping with these new technologies. They have started using android phones but it becomes difficult for them to understand the English language so if they get their keyboard with their regional language they would too get accustomed to their smartphones. These Indian keyboards introduced a new language so that you’re not limited to just typing one language that is in English now you can chat in whichever language you want. 

So, if you’ve reached this far this article is for you, here are the Best Indian Keyboards:

1. Marathi Typing Keyboard

Marathi is one of the most beautiful languages spoken in Maharashtra. But many face problems while typing in the Marathi language across digital platforms through your smartphones. So, to ease out the process and making Marathi typing more fun, Bharat keyboard has launched the Marathi Keyboard online.

This keyboard will help you not just type in Marathi but allows English to Marathi translations, voice typing, glide typing and much more. It also offers customized Marathi stickers that add a fun element to your typing experience. So, now that this keyboard fulfils all your aspirations, download the Marathi keyboard now and make your life a more hassle-free experience.

2. Google Indic Keyboards

Who doesn’t know about Google keyboard maximum users have their inbuilt keyboard as Google keyboard. Google has mostly 26 Indian Languages. Tap on the globe sign on the right side of the spacebar from there you can change your language preference and keep more languages saved in your preferences. 

Google keyboard has many fun features: you have access to thousands of stickers, search GIF option, voice typing, glide typing, translator, spelling correction, auto-correct feature, direct google search and many more. 

Cons are that it does not have stickers in your regional language, does not have a font changer, and does not let you add your shortcuts. Google has many privacy glitches. Google keyboard is still unable to predict frequently used words and with auto-correction, it changes the word it becomes irritating to type the same word repeatedly. Do not save all the copied items on the clipboard. 

3. Soft Keyboards- Indian Languages

This keyboard contains mostly all the Indian languages and can be used as the default keyboard. The keyboard has more than 30 Indian languages on all android devices.

This keyboard is user friendly and easy to use. Long press the spacebar and you’ll get options of the language available and then you can select from there your preferred language. Shows spelling suggestions on the top row while you type. Convenient in using special characters.

While your android’s inbuilt keyboard has limited language support this app is useful in providing access to various languages.

4. Microsoft SwiftKey

About 50 crores and above of the population have downloaded Microsoft SwiftKey. It gives access to about 400+ languages. It is an intelligent keyboard that remembers and learns the way you type which makes your typing fast. It adapts the way of your chatting by easy suggestions of your slang, nicknames and emoji suggestions. 

It has an inbuilt emoji keyboard that has nearly all the types of emoji you ever need. It saves your reaction and gives suggestions with what you’ve typed and also gives autocorrect options. You can type with any method: glide typing, tap typing, emoji prediction, GIF keyboard and also trending meme stickers. 

5. Mint Keyboard


Mint Keyboard is Indian developed keyboard. Mint Keyboard comes with Artificial Intelligence to enhance the chatting experience more fun. The keyboard is specially designed for all Indian users and mi fans. It has intelligent text recognition. It easily adapts to the way you type. 

The fun part is you can create your photo themes, you can change the font of your typing and also it gives you access to chat in your regional language. It has multiple auto-correct modes for the Indian users chatting in their other tongue. It suggests accurate prediction which makes the functioning smooth. It provides you with multiple emoji suggestions also there’s a Bigmoji feature that gives animated stickers. It has inbuilt contextual replies. You can also translate the chats.

It has also kept people’s privacy in mind and has designed high security with cutting edge technology. The con is that it takes time to switch between two languages.

6. Punjabi Translit Keyboard

Punjabi Translit Keyboard is developed by an indie Punjabi developer, Satnam Singh. Punjabi Translit Keyboard is the easiest way to type in Punjabi using just the regular English keyboard. If you can read or write Punjabi but are not used to typing, using the Punjabi Keyboard you can perfectly type in Punjabi.

There’s a limitation to this application tho. As of now, it is only available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) users.

If you have come to this end keep in mind to choose the best keyboard as per your preferences and also which keeps your privacy its priority. Hope this article has been useful for you.

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