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6 TikTok Brand Growth Strategies that Worked in 2022

There is a lot of information on TikTok. However, when it comes to building communities on the platform for brands, we have decided to do things our way. Even though there are no official guidelines, we have six proven TikTok strategies that will help you grow your business and reach new audiences.

Every second, eight users join TikTok. TikTok will reach 1 billion users worldwide by 2021. It has downloaded over 2.6 million apps since its inception in 2016. This is a sign that short-form video apps are here to stay, despite protestations from boomers and millennials. TikTok’s unique filters, video effects, and trending music will continue to outshine Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook in 2022. This means that your business must be aware of the most recent TikTok strategies.

Many brands were reluctant to use the social platform as an advertising channel. However, we have seen the results (and the conversions) that a solid TikTok strategy has brought. It’s important to be open to creativity and experiment to discover what works for your brand on TikTok. Although there is no “rulebook” for TikTok’s technical aspects, these 6 TikTok strategies will help you reach new audiences, build brand loyalty, maintain authenticity, and provide the social validation that users are looking for on TikTok. 

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1) TikTok’s popular audio: music and lip synchronisation

TikTok can be just as entertaining, both audibly and visually. Lip syncs are a hot trend right now, and users are being creative in how they use them. TikTok’s algorithm rewards accounts that participate in trends and use its features like stickers, sound effects, and hashtags. You can make your video more visible by joining sound trends or skits. This will allow you to land on the Discover page.

How do you find the most popular sounds? Clicking the plus button, as if creating a new video, and clicking “Add Sound” is the easiest way to locate trending sounds. This page will show you what’s hot by displaying sounds that are “new” and the “TikTok Viral”. Follow the hashtag #trendalert to find new sounds and songs. An app called TrendTok is another way to discover new trends. Both the paid and free versions of TrendTok let users know when certain sounds or songs are in fashion according to their industry niche.

After you have found the sound that you like, you can save it from another video or search for it on the Discover page. You can avoid missing the trend by checking that the sound is still being used in other videos. Songs and lip syncs are great for jumping on trends and increasing your viewership. However, you need to remain true to your brand and stay within your niche in order to appeal to your audience.

While not all sounds will work for every niche, creativity is key to connecting with your audience and appearing natively on the platform.

If you scroll and hear the same sound more than once, then it is trending and you should use it.

2) Discovering your TikTok niche

This brings us to niching downward—an important concept in the ocean of millions upon millions of videos. What makes your account unique? What makes your account different? Why should viewers follow you and your videos? What will make your video stand out when users scroll through their For You pages? It’s important to stop users scrolling and encourage them to explore more videos on your site.

It is crucial to find a common thread within your content if you want to capture and keep your audience’s attention. It’s called consumer acquisition and retention. Inconsistency in your videos will confuse users and make them turn off your videos and your channel. Consider what your brand is good at. What do you want to show others about that? TikTok is fast, and you can quickly learn which content works and which content needs to be improved. Pay attention to what your audience gravitates towards.

By utilising profile playlists, creators can group content into different categories or series. This allows you to group content together and see which content resonates more.

3) TikTok’s Features: Stitch, Duets, and Video Replies

TikTok offers many interactive features that allow you to interact with your audience as well as other creators. These features include Duets and Stitch, as well as Video Replies. These features can help you boost your algorithm’s favor.

Stitch, as the name implies, allows you to “stitch in” your favourite parts of another creator’s videos and combine them with yours to create a seamless video. These will be included in your video.

You can respond to the videos of other users with duets. While the videos play side-by-side, film your response or reaction.

4) Use TiTok hashtags for SEO.

Hashtags can be used to discover new content in your brand’s niche or interests. They also help index social media platforms. You will get more views and attention if you have trending videos under any given hashtag. Google Search is now able to index short-form videos from TikTok and YouTube. This is due to TikTok being the preferred platform for Gen Z. Your captions will help you drive your target audience to the videos via keyword discovery. Make sure you are specific about the hashtags that you use and that they relate to the content of the video. If you want to get more views on TikTok, don’t use unique hashtags. Consider hashtag keywords that combine generic hashtags related to your industry, such as # marketingagency, and more specific hashtags related to the video’s content, such as # blogwritingtips.Be careful not to fall for trendy hashtags. Use of hashtags such as #fyp or #foryou will not boost your views or appearance and can be seen as spammy by users.

You should do hashtag research in the same manner as keyword research. This will allow you to learn about the topics that your users are most interested in.Your Discover page will allow you to type in your niche or industry. You can generate hashtags or ideas for future videos by using keywords from the search results. Because there are only 150 characters, choose your hashtags wisely!

5) Repurposing Old TikTok Content

This social media tip is tried and tested. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Sometimes we feel that we need to create new content for every piece we publish. But a good piece can be reused and used in many different ways. You can take an old blog post and make the key concepts into a TikTok. You can use an old list (Top 5 headlines in 2021), and then update it for 2022.

6) Collaborations with well-known creators on TikTok

It’s a great way for you to reach a wider audience and increase awareness. You can also tap into a community of people who trust the creators of TikTok. People who create content for TikTok every day know it better than anyone else. Today’s creators have their own editing styles and personalities. They also have devoted followers. To help brands find content creators or influencers to create videos for them, the TikTok Creator Marketplace was built. You can see the demographics of a creator and other metrics to determine if they’re a good fit for your brand. You should look for creators who are experts in your field but also have a wider audience. Make sure you set aside money for videos that reflect your brand’s style and budget.

Many TikTok agencies can help brands partner with creators. They can source and contract, oversee content creation, and monitor analytics. These agencies often have a list of creators that they work with regularly, which can help eliminate the guesswork and vetting process of finding a creator who aligns with your campaign goals.

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