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Are you thinking of designing your custom sports apparel? But you are concerned about how to get started. Stop Worrying! We have a solution.

There must be some questions arising into your mind about the selection of fabric, the type of logo, or the designing process. But this article will solve all your queries with these six professional tips for designing your custom sports apparel.

Designing Custom Sports Apparel

Designing sports apparel is as important as the sports itself. It has a lot of importance, such as it enhances enthusiasm and energy among the players and the supporters. It also creates a sense of unity and team building. Apart from the performance of the team, the overall appearance of the group also matters. Therefore, ordinary sports apparel is not going to work for boosting confidence and lifting the spirit up. This is the reason that most sports design customized uniforms for their team.

Here we will get some professional tips to design custom athletic apparel.

Choosing material

Fabric for your customized sports apparel is critical, so it should be chosen very carefully. Select the material of the fabric according to the type of sport and need of the player. Sportswear and athletic lifestyle jerseys can benefit from high-performance materials that allow flexibility, breathability, and moisture-wicking technologies.

Look for richer cotton-based textiles for thick jerseys, tracksuit tops, and team sweaters. For freezing weather, consider hoodies, tight cuffs, and fleece lining.  Quality of stitching and seam work are also important considerations.

Customization and Personalization of uniform

Players feel like a VIP by wearing a uniform of their name and number. The specifications of the players are usually designed on the back of the uniform jerseys. Keep the typeface for the name consistent across the group to offer each jersey a personalized touch while retaining your company’s or brand’s identity. Customized details can be printed or embroidered onto materials. Embroidery provides a sophisticated look so, use it on zip-up winter jerseys and hoodies for maximum impact.

Use a specialized graphic designer

To achieve the desired objectives, the creative process of custom sports apparel design necessitates expert designers. For a personalized uniform design, work with an innovative team that understands your requirements. Your design staff should be intelligent, competent, and experienced. When you’ve decided on a design team, make an appointment to meet with them at their offices. Give them specific instructions about your concept for your sports uniform.


Keep the sports uniform or sports jerseys simple and elegant but, it is also essential to choose a pattern and color that everyone likes. Some of the finest sports uniforms are pretty simple and appealing while considering color and style.

Font size

Make use of the millions of free fonts available on the internet to choose one that fits your team’s personality. The first thing to note is how crucial it is that everything on the kit is legible; the focus on the number glyphs should not be neglected when choosing your font. Another thing to keep in mind is the application for team names and numbers.

Team logo

Ask your designer to make a suitable logo for your sports apparel or search the website for the logo design. Add your company or brand’s logo to the top sleeve, the middle of the chest, or off to the side. However, if you want maximum visibility of your logo or brand emblem, then the center of the chest would be a perfect spot.

Decide whether you like a vast logo or a smaller one or a more conservative design?

The placement of each logo has its own unique effect. You are experimenting with your design’s positioning and soliciting feedback from your team on what they believe will work as an excellent help.

Color of uniform

Choosing the right colors that fit your team’s personality while also making you stand out is a complex undertaking. The key to demonstrating seriousness is simplicity. Rainbow is attractive, but when it is used in professional clothes, it gets incredibly gaudy. We want the audience to be more focused on the games than on the uniforms. The uniforms can be designed with just one or two bright, joyful colors. 90% of teams choose red, navy blue, royal blue, or black as their primary colors. It is unlikely that you will avoid utilizing all of those colors, but as long as the prominent colors combine with one or two of the less common colors, it would be fine. Colors such as white, black, and grey are considered neutral.


The above tips by the pros for the customization of sports apparel are handy. This will help you to create amazing designs of sports uniforms for your team and the spectators.


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