6 Tips for using your phone more mindfully

In the era of technological development, people are more dependent on their phone devices. If you’d asked a few decades ago that a technological device would change people’s lives then you won’t believe it. The invention of phone devices has changed the lifestyle of people. Now phone users are glued to their screens all the time that it caused addiction. Especially, young generations are more dependent on these devices as compared to old people. Despite the wide range of advantages, addiction to phones is a ubiquitous problem. 

Every problem has a solution is a statement that comes across people’s lives. For example, if you are a research student then you may face issues related to writing the dissertation. For overcoming those issues, you can probably take help from dissertation writing service UK. In the same way, to overcome phone addiction you should focus on a solution too! There are certain tips that you can implement for using your phone more mindfully. 

These tips will not only help you to use your phone mindfully but also help you to have control over your phone. If you’re someone who is facing phone addiction issues then this article is here to help you. Let’s check out the six tips that can help you to use your phone more mindfully.

6 Tips for using your phone more mindfully

It is practically impossible to get rid of phone device . Especially, the young generation is more dependent on the phone to do their daily tasks. It is because phone devices play a vital role in people’s lives and we can’t live without them. Students during their research work face a lot of difficulties to complete their dissertation on time due to phone addiction. This phone distraction also negatively influences their academic performance. For reducing their research burden, students also seek help from master dissertation writers to meet deadlines. But it is only a short time solution to ignore phone addiction. This article is here to help those students and people to follow simple tips for using the phone more mindfully.

Tip 1: Set screen time limit

In the era of E-learning technology, the young generation is more dependent on their phone devices (EazyResearch, 2020). If you are facing a difficult time putting your phone aside then you’re not alone. People are spending most of their time scrolling on phone devices. They are not aware of their screen timing which can affect their well-being. So, the first tip for using your phone more mindfully is to set a screen time limit. It means that you have to check how much time you’ve spent on your phone device. 

There are different online applications that can help you to monitor the screen time limit. For example, for iPhone users, Apple released the Digital Health app for managing device use. Similarly, for Android users Moment and Zenscreen apps can help you properly track screen timing. You can also set a limit for yourself daily to observe when you reach your daily limit. You can track this activity but navigating your phone’s settings. In case you are using a Samsung, you can go to the phone’s settings and open your weekly report. There you will see the complete screen usage and apps that consume the usage. 

Tip 2: Set boundaries

It is observed that encouraging families and youth to set boundaries for the phone is beneficial (Abi et al., 2020). This is the second most important tip that will help you to use your phone more mindfully. Setting boundaries on your phone means you should implement measures to reduce your device usage. For example, set times for using social media apps can improve your phone usage. You can also restrict yourself to not using the phone in bed to improve your health. It is essential to restrict yourself within certain boundaries to avoid phone addiction. So setting the boundaries is actually a good idea when it comes to limiting your smartphone usage. But it is also very important to restrain yourself as it is very hard to avoid phone nowadays. Due to its addiction and entertainment.

Tip 3: Remove addictive apps

A major cause of extensive phone usage is because of the presence of addictive apps. Whether you’re a student or a business professional, it’s very easy to get distracted by the phone. From social media to email notifications, you can easily distract yourself from the mobile world. But there are certain apps which can help you stay focused without distracting by addictive apps. For example, iPhone and Android users can use apps like BreakFree and Offtime to block addictive apps. These apps will help you to tailor modes which provide assistance to use the phone mindfully. But removing social media is not a piece of cake as it is the main source of addiction which is damaging the usage. Try to start from small like the apps that you don’t use often. So start from from small and go with the big.

Tip 4: Take an off for a day

If you think that you can do nothing without your phone then give it a try. Take an off for a day and commit that you will not use your phone for a whole day. It will also help you to focus on personal health and well-being. A day without a phone also means you’ve to live a social media-free day. Try to focus on other things including your hobbies to avoid the need of using the phone.

Tip 5: Ask mindful questions to yourself

Another important tip is to ask mindful questions to yourself. It means that questioning your purpose for reaching your phone will also help you. Whenever you reach your phone, ask if it is necessary to check your phone. Mostly, people check their phones not because of need but due to the habit of checking their devices. You should answer about the necessity of your actions and why you’re reaching your phone. It will also help you to overcome habitual use of the phone and focus on other things.

Tip 6: Try healthy apps

If you’re using a phone, try to use apps that can benefit your health. For example, there are different health management apps that will assist you to monitor health conditions. Keeping track of your well-being is a positive use of a phone device. Whether you’re young or old, monitoring your health status is essential for everyone. Many phone devices also have inbuilt health apps to focus on steps, pulse rate, and other things. You can also try the different workout and diet apps to control your diet or weight. Therefore, whether you want to check your pulse rate or daily exercise, install relevant healthy apps.

Final words

Phone technology has changed the world in both positive and negative ways. But it’s up to you to follow some important tips to use your phone more mindfully. Remember that you can’t completely ignore your phone. Instead, you can change your routine and habits to overcome phone distractions and use your phone more mindfully.


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