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7 Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2022


Do you know why some businesses shut down after running for some time seamlessly? One of the biggest causes is not using the latest digital marketing tools that are dominating the market currently.


It’s the time of marketing and automation so you need to use both in your business to gain an edge over competitors. This is a secret to your successful business journey today. Go through this article to find out the 7 digital marketing tools that you can leverage in your business.

1) Semrush



Semrush is the solution to all your digital marketing needs. It’s a SaaS platform and a leader in the tech world for online visibility management.


Over 7,000,000 marketers around the world trust this digital marketing tool as it provides them with numerous capabilities and functions.


2) SocialPilot



SocialPilot is a brilliant digital marketing tool for lead generation and bringing engagement to your target audience.


It’s an easy-to-use social media management tool designed especially for small businesses and agencies.


On this platform, you can connect with around 9 social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, and so on.

Apart from all these, the digital marketing tool helps in making data-driven and smart decisions.


3) Leadpages


Having a proper landing page is crucial for any company to convert its traffic into leads.


And one such digital marketing tools for landing page builder are Leadpages.


It helps to create attractive landing pages using a drag and drop editor, pre-designed templates, pop-ups, etc.


You can collect quality leads using this tool using email subscribers. It also offers real-time tracking and allows you to perform split tests.


4) Active Campaign 


Enhance the experience of your customers using the Active Campaign automation tool.


You can use the CRM data to leverage its full potential for designing customized email marketing campaigns.


This gives you access to hundreds of pre-built automation tools.


5) Writesonic 



Make your copywriting task easier than ever with the help of this Writesonic digital marketing tool. Yes, Writesonic lets you do so pretty easily.


It can be used for writing your social media bio, article intros, post captions, and so on.




For boosting your visibility on Instagram, is the perfect digital marketing tool to use.


You can grow your Instagram page, get likes, and instant comments on your Instagram handle.


7) Invideo


Invideo is home for creators to design professional videos either in the long-form or short-form as per your wish.


With over access to 4000+ video templates, 9+ media, and a large audio library, you can craft endless personalized videos of your choice easily.


It has expanded its services to around 195 countries and 75 languages.

Among the other tools available, Invideo is an amazing video marketing tool available today.


The Bottom Line


While writing this listicle, we kept in the mind the needs of small businesses. They lack the resources and funds to buy expensive digital marketing tools for marketing purposes. However, the ones we have talked about are affordable and suitable for every business.

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