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7 Instagram Marketing Course And Training To Improve Your Skills

These Instagram marketing course cover everything from planning and strategy to good photography and the fundamentals of graphic design.

Looking to improve your Instagram talents for business? A fantastic method to remain current on Instagram’s constantly changing upgrades and best practises is to take online courses.

Taking Instagram marketing course is a great way to support you in developing the best Instagram marketing strategy possible, whether you’re a seasoned Instagram expert trying to understand the most recent algorithm change or debating whether to switch to an Instagram Creator account or Instagram Business account.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 online Instagram training programmes and courses, covering topics like creating content calendars and mastering the fundamentals of photography and graphic design. These programmes will provide all the information needed for content producers, small business owners, social media managers, and digital marketing specialists to handle profitable social media campaigns.

Beginner-level Instagram marketing programmes

1. Academy of Digital marketing for Instagram Mastery Course

Price: Nominal

Time: 5 Days

Educated by: Expert Trainers

If you want a quick and simple introduction to the fundamentals of using Instagram for your business, enrol in this course.

What you’ll discover:

  • How to create a business account on Instagram
  • Getting noticed on Instagram
  • Creating captivating text and images
  • Analyzing your audience using Instagram insights
  • establishing elevated posts


  • Easy-to-understand lessons that are brief
  • user-friendly for beginners and abundant images of the Instagram backend
  • No tests, exams, or certificates are offered.

2. Hootsuite’s Social Marketing Certification

Cost: $199

Duration: 6 hours

taught by: Internal social media marketing specialists at Hootsuite

Take this course if: You want to acquire an industry-recognized credential and are seeking for a comprehensive course to help you enhance your social media marketing abilities on Instagram and other social networks.

What you’ll discover:

  • How to develop a social media plan
  • establishing and improving social media profiles
  • community development
  • Basics of content marketing
  • the fundamentals of social media advertising


  • free trial offered
  • a variety of media, including texts, PDFs, quizzes, and videos
  • After completing the test, you’ll be given a certificate that you can display on your website, LinkedIn profile, and resume.
  • The certificate is perpetual.

3. Increase Instagram followers using Facebook Blueprint

Price: Free

Time: 15 minutes

Educated by: Facebook

What you’ll discover:

  • How to get more Instagram followers
  • fostering relationships through DMs (which you can do directly through the Hootsuite dashboard)
  • How to use hashtags to increase visibility and discovery
  • Increasing your following using Instagram ads


  • Text-only, quick lessons
  • No tests, exams, or certificates are offered.

4. Skillshare’s iPhone Photography Essentials

Free with Skillshare membership

Duration: 1.5 hours

Sean Dalton, a travel and lifestyle photographer, is the instructor.

Take this course if: You want to learn how to take Instagram images that look professional without spending a lot of money on camera equipment or hiring a professional photographer and you have an iPhone.

What you’ll discover:

  • models that work well for iPhone photography
  • Setting the iPhone to its best advantage for capturing pictures
  • Best iPhone photography applications
  • locating the ideal lighting for taking images in
  • How to get the best possible compositions
  • iPhone editing apps that are free


  • total of 19 classes, all delivered via video
  • Suitable for small business owners, social media marketers, and content creators
  • Free additional materials are provided with the course (PDF notes, Lightroom presets)
  • Adobe Lightroom should be available (free trial available)

5. iLoveCreatives’ Instagram Content Planning

Cost: $499

Time: 10 to 15 hours

taught by the founder of ilovecreative (@punodestres)

Take this course if: You want to learn how to strategically plan and develop content for Instagram, not just what to post.

What you’ll discover:

  • most recent information about the Instagram algorithm
  • looking over your Instagram
  • understanding your audience
  • establishing a content marketing schedule and plan
  • Create a personal Instagram brand book.
  • Looping content


  • Combining lectures, tutorials, and worksheets as the learning method
  • a perpetually accessible self-paced course
  • Access is currently closed, but you can join their waitlist to enrol when it opens again (Apr 30)
  • You’ll get access to the ilovecreatives Slack, where you can seek advice from industry professionals, ask questions, and learn new skills.
  • By signing up for the waitlist, you can view a preview of the first lesson.
  • For small business owners, freelancers, content providers, and social media marketers, material is created specifically.

 6. Skillshare’s tutorial How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed Using Adobe Lightroom

Free with Skillshare membership

Time: 31 minutes

Photographer Dale McManus serves as the instructor.

What you’ll discover:

  • How to use Adobe Lightroom to edit images
  • selecting a lovely and dependable colour palette
  • designing inventive feed layouts
  • Developing your own photo presets
  • How to plan and preview your grid
  • locating well-liked hashtags that you can then follow utilising Hootsuite’s social listening streams


  • Nine condensed lessons in video form
  • You must have access to the Adobe Lightroom mobile app (free version available)
  • Mobile phone users alone; no need for a desktop computer

7. Skillshare’s Find Your Photography Style

Free with Skillshare membership

Duration: 1.5 hours

taught by product and food photographer Tabitha Park

Take this course if: You need help creating your personal style and are having problems settling on a consistent look and feel for your Instagram feed.

What you’ll discover:

  • How to interpret images and imitate their appearances
  • Tips for editing with Lightroom
  • assembling a sturdy grid
  • tips for lighting and editing in photography


  • You’ll finish a class assignment to choose your ideal photographic style.
  • The programme is most appropriate for companies that emphasise personal brands (content creators, coaches, consultants, bloggers, creative entrepreneurs)

Instagram’s platform features, algorithms, and channel additions are just a few of the things that are always evolving.

Here are 15 additional social media marketing courses and tools if you want to hone your talents on social media platforms than Instagram.

Is a certification programme in digital marketing preferable to an MBA?

The MBA is merely the icing on the cake. The education you receive is what actually makes a difference.

An employer gives more weight to SKILL today rather than merely a DEGREE title.

While expert digital marketers earn six figures annually, unskilled MBAs struggle to find employment.

But what if I told you about this one course that, in just 8 months, will prepare you for an MBA in digital marketing?

For postgraduates looking for digital marketing academy that would improve their skills, the MBA-level PG degree in digital marketing offered by Academy of Digital Marketing is the best option.

Additionally, Academy of Digital Marketing is among the first digital marketing schools in India to provide specialisations in digital marketing.

  • Innovative Approach
  • Marketing
  • The following are the course’s major lessons:

This 8-month graduate programme immediately improves your work prospects and develops you as a thinker.

The PG course from Academy of Digital Marketing stands out from other digital marketing courses due to its depth of knowledge in the field. In order for you to become INDUSTRY READY, your trainers coach you while keeping in mind real-life scenarios.

Students who take this course end up being so confident and successful in their employment because of the practical learning that is included in the curriculum. Academy of Digital Marketing’s placement assistance connects you to the BIG BRANDS while the programme prepares you to be CORPORATE READY.

Alumni of Academy of Digital Marketing who completed the PG in Digital Marketing at the MBA level have been hired in this position.


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