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7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Could Make or Break Your Business in 2021

As you see with the massive change over the years in digital marketing social media has not only changed but evolved with time and has taken place all over now. As you know social media is the most powerful channel in modern marketing, Earlier people would only use social channels to communicate & share memories, but now as you see now most of them only use social media to create brand awareness about their products or brands or to advertise their services.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are more social media pages where you can post your favorite picture or chat and talk. Today social media is used to build promotions, create pages of their brands, give brand messages, allow business to work out. Social media has also changed its features over the time. Earlier people who only had the option to post a picture or even a message now have an option to create videos, reels, tag location, etc.

Online marketing was introduced long back now many would use it as a lot of people were not aware about the so-called channels but some would know about it but not use it because of the scam issues.

Nowadays most of the people have to pay attention to everything because of the trend, everything that comes in new gets along with that trend and moves on.

Here are 7 Social Media Marketing Trends to Follow

1.Video Content

There were times only written content mattered the most, but as you see the rise of the digital world now. They have transformed the written content to video content to showcase how one brand literally looks like. There are 90% of the users who watch video content over the written content and share it with others. There are more than 50 percent of the users who would learn from video rather than text. There are 88% of the people who love watching advertisement video content rather than reading about it. Perhaps video content is the most effective way of content now.

  1. Stories will be a center stage

Social media stories are kind of a news feed today but in a visual form rather than a text from. Putting up stories about your brand regularly would help your target audience remember very well. Stories are centered on all the people out there. There are 62% of the people who prefer watching stories daily.

  1. Live Streaming would go popular

Live streaming today is the new feature nowadays where most of them come live and talk about a certain topic. Businesses can use this technique to spread out their business or brand’s message that they want to provide and deliver their product’s message to its target audiences.

  1. Audio Content-

So, this is a very crazy stat but it’s unbelievable at the same time, there are more than 100 million people who listen to a podcast each month. Some people have been listening to a podcast every day with various topics like social anxiety or some people dealing with mental illness, with some people interested to know about the history while with some religious people. As you see how audio content is on the rise in the year 2021.

  1. Virtual Reality

Since the coved situation, most of the people are connecting with each other virtually. Virtual reality is where you could feel that particular place live & for real. Most of them discovered VR in the coved times.

  1. User-generated content-

Just like live streaming in 2020 users generated content marketing has an impressive result to it. Businesses are changing their position from reality to the social media world. User-generated content includes those videos, images or reviews. That you see your favorite brands reposting all of the time. They are candid, real & super relatable. More than 86 per cent of the companies are using user-generated content as a part of their marketing strategies.

  1. Ecommerce would grow

Since the pandemic, most of them have gone online when it’s about ordering something. Everything today is available online. From online clothing to groceries and online services you get it online. If you are bored to travel outside to cut your hair you can book an appointment through urban clap and book a hairstylist for your hair to get done.


To conclude, let’s understand how unpredictable the year 2020 is for all of us. Especially to the brands who were trying to be on the online platform showcasing the products thinking of how they connect with the customers. Most of the consumers were spending their time online since everything was shut due to the pandemic and the digital platforms made a rise to that point and that pushed brands to rise out and target the audiences. Over the next few years, this would continue and boom the digital industry.

Ravinder Bharti

Ravinder Bharti has ample working experience in digital marketing, SEO, and PR. Public Media Solution is headed by him as the founder, and CEO.

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