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7 sports equipment in pakistan Every Cricket Fan Should Have

With the HBL PSL just end multan sultan winner of HBL PSL 2021. Now every one is waiting for ICC t 20 world cup which will start in October. If your are one of the cricket fan you much have sport kit. Here are some sports equipment in pakistan

Is it possible to play cricket without a bat? Nope! So begin with a high-quality cricket bat that can not only polish your batting but also resist any on-pitch mishaps!

Suppose the recipient is a cricket fan who enjoys watching large matches and enjoys playing the game as a hobby. In that case, you could surprise him by giving him a basic cricket kit that includes all of the necessary equipment. It is reasonably priced and valuable to cricket fans.

HS Cricket Shoes

HS cricket shoes are renowned for optimum performance, superb stability, and unique aesthetics. Over the years, HS sports shoes have evolved into a leading force in the development of modern footwear, and is now one of the leading brands in sports equipment in pakistan. 

HS Cricket Bats

HS cricket bats provide outstanding value for money and have made quite a reputation in the last few years. Endorsed by several elite players like Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez, Sarfraz Ahmed, HS cricket bats features striking aesthetics and powerful profiles. Without a cricket bat, the game would be incomplete. Therefore, the finest birthday gift for cricket fans is the HS 41 – English Willow Bat – Babar Azam Edition. If purchasing an entire cricket gear is out of your price range, you might choose a reasonably excellent quality cricket bat to give to your cricket-mad relative. He would much appreciate your considerate gesture.

HS Kit Bags

Shop from a variety of different styles of aesthetic HS kit bags to organize your cricketing equipment in a neat & clean way.

Cricket Kit Bag

This is for those that take their cricket seriously and play whenever they have free time. This Duffel Kit Bag makes it easier for kids to take care of their cricket gear.

HS Cricket Gloves

HS cricket gloves are regularly spotted on the international scene, with top players like Sarfraz Ahmed and Babar Azam endorsing the brand. Designed for superior quality and optimum performance, HS cricket gloves provide outstanding value for money. Every batsman needs special cushioned gloves, which is why this is an ideal present for cricket fans. Babar Azam’s HS 41 Wicket Keeping Gloves will make you feel like a champion. Gloves are an integral part of the bat and ball games’ clothing. When your friend walks out to bat for his side or as a wicketkeeper, he can put it to good use. It will be easier for your friend to win the game and increase the outcomes on their plates if they keep a good hold.

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HS 3 Star Batting Helmet

Every batsman, especially a novice batsman, requires a helmet. Here’s a high-quality helmet to keep you safe during the game! If you don’t want to get a cricket bat, you could go for a cricketer’s decent helmet with a faceguard. He’d love to do that the next time he walks out to bat or keep wickets for his local team. It provides safety, coverage, and comfort by providing protective gear. It’s also quite reasonably priced. Furthermore, if your friend enjoys watching and playing the game, a helmet will be an excellent gift because it doubles as a guard. And it keeps you safe while you’re playing. This HS 41 Batting Helmet is one of the top Cricket Birthday Gifts.

Pakistani Team Shirt

With the PSL 2021 fever high, we think you’re gonna want to have one of these Paksitan Team shirts. Because team koi bhi ho, yeh jeet hai Pakistan ki! Cricket fans will appreciate a t-shirt as a present. An even better gift option is to print a picture of him participating in the sport. Getting a t-shirt with an image of your favourite player is another wonderful alternative.


And a shirt without the matching cap to go with it won’t really bring the feels!

The Shoppeis provide best sports equipment in pakistan


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