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8 Best Flutter App Ideas for Beginners

Flutter is one of the most popular cross platform app development frameworks that is gaining popularity in recent days. With a similar codebase, mobile app developers can develop applications that are comfortable working with both Android and iOS devices.

When you have developed the skills related to the flutter framework, the next challenge you have to face is finding the best flutter app ideas suitable for beginners to harness their expertise.

If you are also a flutter app developer, then this blog is meant for you. Here in this blog, we will discuss a few of the best flutter app ideas for beginners.

So, let’s get started.

Let’s Get Acquainted With Flutter

Google introduced Flutter in 2017 as an open-source framework for cross-platform development.

The main function of the flutter framework is to allow developers to develop native applications for multiple platforms with a similar codebase. This means you can create an application for both Android and iOS by making use of only one codebase.

The framework is based on the Dart programing language. Dart is a simple object-oriented programming language that follows simple syntax styles. In terms of popularity, flutter is standing high in all its competitions.

One of the most lauded features of the flutter framework is hot reload. This feature enables the developers to preview changes instantly in less than seconds. This provides the developers with great help while adding features or making changes to existing user Interface (UI) code.

Flutter is open-source and follows simple syntax which makes it the right choice even for beginners. If you don’t have prior programming knowledge then fret not you can begging your journey with flutter without seeing a lot of difficulties.

In addition to mobile app development, the flutter framework is also an ideal choice for deploying solutions from a single codebase on multiple platforms like web, desktop, and even embedded devices.

Flutter App Ideas

Here goes our list of the best flutter app ideas for beginners:

1. Calculator App

This is one of the simplest flutter project ideas you can begin with. This project will surely help you to teach new things. If you want to keep the calculator app minimalist, then you can limit it to basic functions only such as adding, subtraction, division, and multiplying. The basic understanding of the dart programming language is simple enough to develop a calculator. You should understand the concept of the if or else to build the project. In addition to these, you will also need to know how to display widgets on the screen using the flutter framework.

2. Recipe App

The popularity of the recipe apps is never going to outshine in terms of popularity. Therefore developing a recipe is one of the great beginner flutter app developers. There are a number of recipe apps available on the market today. You can take references from these apps to build yours. Developing the recipe app using the flutter app will upscale your development skills and bring proficiency in your development skills.

Recipe app development will boost your knowledge of using the different flutter widgets and a variety of other features as well. The recipe app should include the features like a header, sidebar, footer, and navigation bar. Developing a recipe app is one of the best project app ideas to begin the learning journey.

3. Netflix Clone App

Netflix is one of the highly popular mobile applications built using the flutter framework. The responsive UI is a great thing you can begin with. You can analyze the user Interface (UI) of Netflix to build a similar one. While developing the Netflix like app using the flutter framework to build reusable and responsive widgets.

4. Hangman Game

Have you ever played the Hangman game? How exciting and thrilling this game is? What if you could develop a game like the Hangman game, which seems exciting right? You can develop a cross-platform compatible game Hangman without putting a lot of effort as a beginner.  Having a basic understanding of programming languages like Ruby, Java, and Objective C is more than enough to help you develop a game that can work on both Android and iOS.

While working on this project, you will get plenty of opportunities to strengthen your knowledge of column widgets, gesture detectors, and a lot of other features of the flutter framework.

5. Home Budgeting App

Managing the home budget is one of the biggest issues every person deals with. Every month the house runs out of the budget, therefore having a home budgeting app has a strong chance of seeing success in the future. Alongside enhancing your flutter framework knowledge this project can also help you with creating a revenue generation source for you.

In the wake of several home budgeting apps available in the market, you have the option to develop one by taking references from all of them. To stand out from the competition, you can consider adding some additional features to your app.

The users can feed all their expansions alongside the income they have, by doing so they will be able to know what is draining most of the budget. The app can also suggest efficient ways to allow users to meet their budget targets. Whenever they are going above the budget, the app will immediately notify the user.

6.  Travel Plan App

Visiting a new place is a fantasy for many of us, but most of our fantasies ended up wasted due to a lack of efficient travel planning. A travel planner app developed using the flutter framework will intelligently manage all your traveling and make the lives of people easier.

This app will allow the users to feed their travel destination and the app will then predict the right time when you can travel to your favorite destination. This app will analyze the information available on the internet and help you make an informed decision about whether visiting that place is right for you or not.

7. Tip Calculator App

This is yet another app idea, flutter app development company can assign their interns to make them ready for complex future projects they are going to deal with. This app will ask them about the percentage they are going to tip and by calculating the bill amount, it will display the exact amount you need to pay. You can allow the customers to choose the currency in which they want to tip.

8. Blog Application

Nowadays blog applications are getting fame and creating an extra source of revenue for people by writing about their passion. Since flutter is a feature-rich framework, developing the blog using flutter will give it a clean and efficient look. Flutter framework also offers powerful text editors which you can integrate with your blog to allow you to write down the text in various styles.

Final Take

This is the list of a few of the best flutter app ideas you can build to harness your flutter app development skills. Any flutter app development company that wants to teach their interns the basics of the flutter framework can assign them these projects. If you want to bring any of these project ideas into reality, then hire mobile app developers that have expertise in the flutter app framework.

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