8 Easy and Simple Ways to Improve cardboard packaging

Indeed paperboard cases are the core items of the packing sector. When you buy any product, it usually comes in lovely cardboard packaging that looks exciting and strong enough to secure the things. The role of the cardboard box is on the rise because of growth in the e-commerce sectors. Now you have a loyal customer from every corner of the world, and the brand needs to dispatch the product safely at their place. In terms of strength and shield, the period stuff is one of the best picks.

Why are cardboard boxes best for packing?

You must be thinking why this piece of paperboard is one of the reliable packing stuff? Indeed it is famous, but the question is why? What are the main aim of e-commerce business and others? It is to keep the product well-secured and damage-free. But there is much more than that you need to learn, and that makes you look for the tip to make the custom cardboard boxes. Following are the factors that you must look for while picking the right stuff for your packages:

  • easy of shipping
  • useful
  • qualities
  • aesthetic
  • eco-friendly
  • Versatile
  • affordable
  • ideal branding
  • Follow the three Rs

The cardboard is the stuff that consists of all of the features mentioned above.

Top 8 ways to improve cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging can carry various items many times, but it has some weight limit and shelf life. So if you want to make it a bit stronger or like to hold heavy things, you have to strengthen it.

Do you like to use these boxes for marketing your product via these boxes? If yes, then stay tuned because, on this blog, you will learn about it. It is effortless to create a cardboard carton stronger as appealing via using the right stuff and methods. Here are the top 8 guidelines to improve paperboard packing.

1.     Reinforce the gaps

Heavy electronics and others need a more robust box to withstand the load. You must have seen small cracks at the junction of two walls because of heavy loads. Do you like to know how to deal with such issues?

Makers usually glue the wall of the box so you can boo the strength by working on these unions. Seen any space or gap in this area and glue them again. If the carton does not have any glue stuff, you can strengthen them by gluing the box’s base flaps. It will reinforce the bottom ans secure the box’s flap from tear while moving a load.

2.     Pad the cardboard packaging length with inserts

Here comes another means to reinforce the box and secure it from falling is to add inserts. The paperboard inserts that place along with the entire length of the carton corner strengthen the cases. You can make these corner inserts from extra cardboard pieces. These paperboard pieces not only reinforce the corner of the carton but also enhance the top layers.

3.     Add the layer of cardboard at the base

It is the base of the box that holds all the weight ( thanks to gravity!). Therefore, it is vital to strengthen this area when making the box. Here is one of the simple ways to achieve this is to incorporate a later of paperboard bottom flaps. It works as a support layer.

You can add the layer to the base by measuring the button’s inner part and getting the cardboard piece of exact size. This layer will equal the weight on the bottom, and it reduces the chance of opening.

4.     Tape over edged and joints

Here is another simple and effective method to improve the cardboard boxes is taping edges and joints. It will help strengthen the critical area of the case, magnifying the strength of the design and material. Here the power of the sticky tape also matters a lot.

Duct or packing take, for instance, is much more helpful than essential masking tape. For extra support and strength, you can tape the edge ande joints and also tape all the box’s sides many times.

5.     Add flute layer

Do you want to boost the strength of the carton? If then add the layer of flutes between two sheets of cardboard. As you increase the waffled later, it boosts the strength and carton known as corrugated boxes. These product boxes are best because of the following mentioned reasons:

  • durable
  • robust
  • offer the best insulation
  • light in weight

6.     Double it!

Here comes the last tip to strengthen the box, so stay tuned. It may sound funny, but you can double the box to boost strength and power. If you have two cartons of the same size, then it is one of the best solutions.

7.     Get benefit from Die-Cut technology.

Now let us move towards the 2nd half of the cardboard package usage that is to engage buyers. You can make the product boxes alluring with the help of die-cute methods. This tech helps you to create charming and lovey packing that leaves a powerful impact on the user. The windows on the paperboard box make the package more appealing and allow the customer to see what they are buying. You can also customize this clear panel in any shape and size, depending upon the need for the product.

8.     Add the luxurious effect with lamination and coating

Some product needs not only protection but also glamorous appearance the item like:

  • jewelry
  • perfume
  • chocolate
  • comic
  • skincare
  • watches
  • others

Do you know how you can transform the unit look of the box with lamination and coating? you can pick from the following choices as per the need of the articles:

  • foiling
  • Embossing and DE bossing
  • matt
  • gloss
  • UV glossing

Besides the above mentioned picks other options are also accessible at cardboard wholesale box firms. But before choosing any of them, you need to study the nature of the product..



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