8 Essential Gadgets and Equipment Made Obsolete by Smartphones

Smartphones and other gadgets are revolutionising the communication industry with faster and easier ways to stay connected. You don’t have to wait for the dial-up modem to load a text-only page for a few minutes. However, the impact of these modern devices is not limited to the communication sector.

It has resulted in reduced sales and even obsoleting many devices over the years. You can compare your backpack before and after buying a smartphone. You miss the flash drives, cameras, and maps.

Obsolete Gadgets and Equipment in 2021

Though, we cannot completely blame smartphones for many devices to obsolete. It was their outdated speed, features, and comfort that led to their demise. Following are some gadgets to meet bad faith after the launch of smartphones.

Gadgets: Compact Cameras 

Compact cameras were once very popular among households to capture memories. The casual photographers used to carry them in their backpacks to take pictures of worthy scenes. However, smartphones have powerful enough cameras to get the job done without carrying an additional device.

Thus, more and more people are avoiding compact cameras to invest in high-end smartphones. It makes more sense because of the numerous features you get with a smartphone. You can apply for £1,000 loans for bad credit to get the best camera-phone in the industry from giants like Apple, Google, and Samsung.

Gadgets: Alarms

Alarms were the only option apart from some creative solutions to wake you up at a set time. A clock on the bedside was a common sight once. Now, you get an alarm on your smartphone to take the place of these clocks.

Many argue against the harmful radiation of these devices to avoid the switch. However, you cannot avoid the smartphone from your bedside because of a possible emergency call. You also get to choose your favourite alarm tune from the predefined library or personalised tone from your library.

Gadgets: Maps

Those heavy paper maps in your trunks were a sign of struggle to find the destination. They are the reason for many unwanted discoveries for our ancestors and many of our readers. However, they never offer turn-by-turn navigation similar to the GPS in your smartphone.

It is an inbuilt feature in almost every smartphone regardless of the budget. Furthermore, you don’t need someone in the passenger seat to guide you without frequently stopping the vehicle. However, it is an interesting exercise for the young lads to find destinations with the help of paper maps.

Gadgets: Flash Drives

Flash drives were the ideal solution to transfer data from one system to another. These simple devices were rewritable and portable to get an edge over the other technologies. However, their small size meant it was hard for the users to keep them safe.

The storage of smartphones made it pointless to carry a flash drive to share photos or videos. In the end, we saw cloud computing replace these devices with no reason to carry them to transfer mountable data size. If you rely on physical storage, an unsecured loan can help you buy smartphones with storage of up to 1 TB.

CDs and DVDs

We can hardly blame smartphones for replacing CDs and DVDs in our homes. It was not worth the trouble to keep care of these storage devices to store small amounts of data. Besides, the upkeep was more expensive with a separate device to play them.

However, smartphones are widely used for their primary functions, such as playing media files at home. The modern file sharing mechanism has no use for CDs and DVDs because of its efficiency. Furthermore, the consoles are focused on eliminating the discs with the introduction of digital games.


Not the public display of affection, PDA was once the personal digital assistant for the professionals. It offered some of the most advanced features available for the regular audience, such as voice memos, calendars, and note-taking.

You can guess the device that can perform these along with numerous other features. Smartphones replaced these devices in no time to become the next big thing in the professional world. Now, PDAs are only found in the collection box of people instead of their suits.


Pagers were part of our life to stay connected with our loved ones and professional contacts. For some professions, it was a symbol of importance for many people’s role in the industry. However, it has now turned into a symbol of being obsolete in the modern world.

It is still used in many situations where smartphones’ limited battery backup and reception is an issue. Healthcare workers should rely on this technology to avoid the problems with the smartphone cause serious consequences. Nevertheless, no one wants to carry multiple devices in their pockets for the inconvenience.


From luxuries to essentials and now extinction, landlines have been a part of our households for a very long time. It was once the only source of communication in real-time for long distances. Now, it is internet and voice call through various devices that predominantly includes smartphones.

The people don’t find the purpose to continue the landline connection at their homes. It is an unnecessary expense since you already have more than one smartphone in a house. Therefore, you are not relying on them if the battery runs out or the networks are not available.

You Should Let Go the Old Technology

People don’t want to put the old technology from their early days in the trunk because of attached emotions. It is okay to feel nostalgic at times to relive the simpler times. However, you should let them go to adopt modern technology for increased efficiency and comfort.


To sum up, the smartphone is a reason for the drastic transformation in our personal and professional lives. The results of its applications are visible from the switch of users from cable to OTT platforms. It is an essential device that doesn’t seem to lose its place in the coming years for professionals.

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