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9 Reasons Why Interactive Menus are the It Thing

Interactive menus are the IT thing in restaurants today and if you’re not using them you’re missing out on some major benefits. Whether you have only one location or multiple, your menu should be an interactive menu so that customers can quickly find exactly what they want and get their order in faster! Take a look at these reasons why interactive menus are the IT thing in restaurants today.

1) Customers Love it

Customers love it when they get a customized experience. You can provide that by having your customers choose their desired meal and how they want to customize it. The menu you present at check out will show exactly what your customer ordered, saving them time and giving them peace of mind.

3) Increases Sales 

When it comes to selling food, there’s nothing like touching, feeling and tasting your product. The effect is so persuasive that some companies make their customers interact with a menu as they take it out of a box and hand it over to them. As you can imagine, interactive menus aren’t just good for sales—they also keep customers happy because they feel involved in ordering their meal.

4) Creates Great First Impression

An interactive menu is one of those wow factors that will impress your customers and keep them coming back for more. In an increasingly competitive restaurant industry, you want to stand out by giving diners something new and exciting to look at. With an interactive menu, you do just that.

5) Makes Ordering Fun

For consumers, an interactive menu helps create a sense of fun and excitement around ordering. After all, what could be more exciting than receiving your food before you’ve even ordered it? An interactive menu also serves as a type of advertising for your restaurant. if customers can interact with your menu, they’re more likely to remember your restaurant. And who knows? Maybe they’ll even come back!

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6) Reduces Waiting Time By 20%

Not only does an interactive menu reduce waiting time, but it helps you predict how long your wait will be. And if you’re running a business with limited table space, it’s a good idea to know how much longer your wait will be before you take a customer’s order.

8) Saves Time & Money on Printing Costs

Switching to an interactive menu system will save you money in two ways. Firstly, it’s cheaper to use digital media than it is to print paper menus. The price of ink and paper will drop as digital media becomes more popular. Secondly, printing and distribution costs go down when everything is electronic. Having a digital menu also saves time. It saves time both in making a physical copy, and in distributing one that can be updated easily with daily specials or last-minute changes.


These days, customers expect more than just a listing of what’s available. If you want to stand out from your competition, then give your customers an interactive menu! The above reasons point to why interactive menus are hot right now and will continue to grow in popularity.

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