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Digital Marketing

A good eCommerce web design

One of the best marketing tools that we have today is an eCommerce website. That is because it is powered by technology that allows us to do many things. These technological advancements have opened new doors for convenience. These innovations have helped us do the things that we usually do faster and in a more efficient manner. That is why almost all businesses today create their own eCommerce website. An eCommerce website is effective when it helps you gain more sales and profit. It should help you widen your reach and make people more aware of your brand. There many things that you have to consider when you want an effective eCommerce website. One of those things is the eCommerce web design Singapore plan. 


The eCommerce industry has become a more competitive sector when it comes to eCommerce website designing. So, it is important that you hire an eCommerce web design Singapore specialist to make sure that you can maximize the potential of your eCommerce website. If you want to know more, let us talk about the components of a good eCommerce web design Singapore layout in 2021. 

Purpose of the website

You can only have a good eCommerce web design Singapore look if you know the purpose of your website. That is why it is important that you have your business plan before creating an eCommerce website. You can lay out the blueprint and all other aspects of your company in your business plan. 


The purpose of your eCommerce website would help you through the process of eCommerce website designing. It can help you choose the color elements and other important aspects of the eCommerce web design. Having a clear direction and purpose in eCommerce website designing can help you achieve a more favorable result. 

Go back to basics

In 2021, eCommerce website designing experts advise that we go back to basics.  Going back to basics means having simpler elements and design on your eCommerce website. When it comes to color you should find a color palette that can represent your brand well.  


Remember that colors can influence the buying decision of your customers. That is why a lot of eCommerce web design Singapore agencies give importance to this aspect of the website design. The advice that eCommerce websites keep their color selection limited to a maximum of five colors. 


Typography also plays an important role in eCommerce website designing. It attracts attention and adds to the way your visual representation is being packaged. Typefaces should remain legible so that your customers can easily make their way through your eCommerce website. The eCommerce web design Singapore professionals also keep a maximum of three different fonts on every website. 

Can easily be navigated

Navigation plays a great role in making sales today. The majority of your potential customers don’t have all the time in the world to explore and figure out how your website works. One of the things that affect and influence navigation is the eCommerce web design Singapore layout.


That is why it is important that your eCommerce website designing team the right kind of website structure to make your website more navigational. Your customers should easily find their way from the product descriptions to the checkout page. 

Good content

The quality of your eCommerce content can also make or break your potential sales. Your product description should be straightforward and easy to understand. It should give a brief background and explanation of the kind of goods and services that you are offering. Good content must not only make your customers state but it can make them proceed to purchase the product that you are offering.

Load time

The eCommerce web design Singapore layout of your website would determine the load time of your eCommerce website. Adding heavy images and other elements can hinder the load time of your eCommerce website. That is why it is important to have a team that knows how to create a good website design without compromising the load time of your website. 


In the world that we’re living in today, we are surrounded by many devices that serve different purposes.  We use these devices in our daily lives like when we are accessing eCommerce websites.


Your eCommerce website should be accessible to all kinds of devices so that you can maximize the reach of your business. The eCommerce web design Singapore elements of your website play a great role and their responsiveness.


The size and composition of the elements put in your eCommerce website would determine how responsive your website is across all platforms. The load time of your eCommerce website should be the same and consistent on mobile phones and laptops. 

Things to consider when hiring a web design agency today

There are things that you have to consider when you are hiring an eCommerce Website designing team. One of the things that you have to consider is the past projects that they have worked on.  Looking at their portfolio can help you determine whether you like the way they execute the eCommerce website design. 


It is also highly advisable that you work with an agency that has already experienced in working and the same industry that you are in. Having a team that is well experienced in your field can help you speed up the e-commerce website designing process. This could also mean that they already know what kind of elements and designs work for your products. 


Lastly, it is important to consider the rates or feast that the eCommerce website designer charges. Always remember that paying more expensive rates doesn’t always equate to high-quality outputs. That is why reviewing their past work is advised.

Hire one today

One of the most trusted eCommerce web design Singapore agencies today is Digital Solutions.  if you are interested in services you can check out our website today to get you started. 

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