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Add value to your Lip Gloss using Custom Made Lip Gloss Boxes

We no longer use beeswax or animal fat as cosmetics. Instead, we tend to use products that do not make our skin appear oily. And that is what strived us to update the products. Now when we change the formula for an item, we would also have to update its packaging. We could not possibly use the same box for the updated product. But why exactly do we have to do so? Using an updated packaging box is vital for many reasons. First of all, how do we tell our clients about the item’s new features? We could inform them about it by imprinting the features on the box.

Secondly, if we want to secure the item, we must use a different packaging material. A material that is capable enough to bear the external pressure and to shield the item in it. But how could we make our packaging look extraordinary? What skills and tactics should we use? If you are curious, then keep reading. We would be discussing how to add value to our custom-made lip gloss boxes.

1.  Use A Sturdy Packaging Material:

We cannot protect our products from any harm without using a firm packaging box. We all noticed at some point and wondered why every product does not have the same box. Like any other going through a quality check, the same goes for packaging boxes.

A particular box gets manufactured for a specific item. We cannot use an apparel box to sell jewelry. And in the same manner, we cannot use a rigid box to sell candies. No matter what box we use, we have to keep in mind the nature of the product. And in this way, we could choose the best packaging material.

Now, the only reason we use a sturdy box is to protect it from external constraints? A sturdier box not only acts as a shield while protecting it from pressure. But lip gloss boxes also secure it from dust, pollution, and chemicals.

Now the question is what exactly sturdy packaging materials are. Several boxes weigh to be firm, and we use them in our daily life. You must have had cardboard boxes lying around in the house. These are sturdy enough to secure the item. And are getting used to shipping products all over the world. Meanwhile, for lip gloss, we do not have to use cardboard or corrugated boxes. We could solely use paperboard boxes or kraft boxes. They are secure, reliable, flexible, and organic.

2.  Consider the Shape and Size of the Box:

Would you ever consider a box luxurious in which the product has excessive space to roam around? Or would you find an expensive box that presses the item in it?

We always consider a packaging box expensive and luxurious if it’s of moderate size.

3.  Customize the Packaging Box Professionally:

We couldn’t possibly imprint various designs, shapes, and patterns on the box. We would have to make sure that we do not print useless material on our boxes. Otherwise, it would look unprofessional.

4.  Use Various Printing Methods:

  • Offset Printing.
  • Digital Printing.
  • Large Format.
  • Screen Printing.
  • 3D Printing.
  • LED UV.
  • Engraving,
  • Embossing,

These are the printing methods that are not only effective but also long-lasting. To add value to our box, we could not hand out a cardboard box to our clients. And not to mention, no one would care to approach such a simplistic product. And that is the reason why we would need to use the printing method and technologies.

5.  Use a Secure Box:

Nothing could add value to our product if we use a fragile box. And we all have happened to hold a rigid case in our hands. And at that point, we could get to know what a luxurious box is. A deluxe packaging box never fails in impressing the clients, and the reason is its firmness.

Meanwhile, firm lip gloss boxes wholesale also secures the product from non-visible factors. Would you ever buy an item coated with dust? Or like to spend money on an item whose color gets faded by harsh environmental factors? And hence we could say that the sturdier our box is, the more value it adds to the product.

6.  Use Lamination:

Lamination gives a wholesome look to our packaging boxes. These days we are so addicted to seeing lamination on a case that we find it eerie to see a box without lamination.

But what exactly is the role of lamination? How does it increase our sales and affect our marketing?

  • Packaging boxes get overlaid with lamination, and there are three types of lamination. The most used ones are gloss and matte.
  • In gloss lamination, the light gets reflected, and it gives a shiny look. This type of lamination could be seen on almost every packaging box.

Meanwhile, matte lamination is the one that gets used by luxurious brands. We can not use matte for every product because it does not reflect the light as gloss lamination does. Now highlights the brand identity by using suitable lamination. Now add value to your lip gloss box packaging by following these tips and tactics. And increase your sales by attracting new clients.

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