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Advantages of applicant tracking system and how it works

An applicant tracking system offers companies of all sizes a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting talent. Each one is different, but they all share organizational needs. Efficiency is also important, especially when human talent management is at stake.

With a monitoring system, it is possible to enhance this task, simplify it and take full advantage of a recruitment process. Relying on the appropriate ATS recruitment software, it is possible to achieve a series of advantages that are worth knowing.

Why is an applicant tracking system worth it?

An applicant tracking system is a critical step in digitization. This allows companies to maintain and gain competitiveness. Automating the application management process using a recruitment management system allows you to redirect resources to other more valuable areas. Of course, a system is simplified and refined to find the most talented profiles and precision is gained.

In addition, the workflow is more dynamic and the load decreases in the Human Resources Department. However, a small company without this department could also take advantage of the applicant tracking system.

Advantages of an applicant tracking system

Reduced management times

Optimizing time management is crucial for any organization. A tracking system allows you to handle thousands of requests in a short time. In addition, applications do not have to be limited to a single position.

Each one will be analyzed and stored without human intervention. Thus, the recruiter will receive only the most interesting ones to make the decision to hire or not. This prevents you from wasting time reviewing hundreds of documents, which could take days.

Follow-up of applications

In each process, some candidates will stand out above others. Whatever your background, skills or experience, locating the most interesting profiles is crucial to separate the gold from the chaff.

An applicant tracking system is specifically designed for this task, but it cannot be so simple. Keeping track of referenced candidates is important. Recommendations can play a decisive role in deciding a position, a compelling reason to take them into account.

Video interviews and constant communication

Something that covid-19 has shown is the importance of remote communications. Trading online is crucial for good recruiting software. Hiring is simplified and does not stop in the face of a wide range of difficulties. The candidate will get a constant update on the status of their profile.

In addition, the possibility of establishing a video conference or virtual meetings is a very attractive option. It is only necessary to have access to the platform to start the interview or any other procedure. It is not necessary to go to the company offices.

Cost reduction

One of the main advantages is the reduction of costs. Human intervention is reduced, the amount of paper used is also reduced and all the information is stored in the cloud, which implies a saving of physical space.

An applicant tracking system allows you to organize applications in stages. Each one varies depending on the interests of each company, but it is possible to articulate the process in a more effective way.

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