Aftermarket B18c engine for sale

Honda is one of the most favorite brands among the buyer community. This is because Honda is one of the most trustworthy brands. They manufacture the most durable parts also be it automobile cars or its accessories.

B18c engine for sale is one of the most powerful engines ever manufactured by the company and also significant improvements have been made by the company in the product over time.

Engine Details of b18

  • The material used- aluminum
  • Fuel injection- direct
  • Engine- 1.8L Engine
  • DOHC- dual overhead cam engine
  • Rpm: 8000 rpm
  • Rev-Limit: 8200
  • Power: 132.5 kW (180 PS; 178 bhp) @ 7200 rpm & 126 lb⋅ft (171 N⋅m) @ 6200 rpm
  • The engine has a Displacement of 1.8 L or 109.7 cubic inches.

The b18c engine for sale has a compression. Ratio of 10.6:1 and Bore of 81mm or 3.19 inch and a Stroke of 87.2 mm or 3.43 in.


  • Complete Motor Assembly
  • Transmission LSD 5 SPEED 4.785 FINAL DRIVE
  • Headers
  • Intake Manifold
  • Fuel Rail and Injectors
  • Alternator
  • Power Steering Pump
  • Coil Packs / Distributor
  • Engine Harness
  • ECU
  • Starter

The compression test of this engine has been done. All the necessary equipment and accessories have been included in the package. However, you might get some extra goodies along with the product.

For that you can contact the company website and ask about the pickup or delivery or what all accessories they provide.

Specification of B18 engine for sale

The product weighs something around 450 lbs and dimensions are 36*36*36.

  • The warranty and guarantee period can be obtained by the company so contact the website owner and ask for details about the B18c engine for sale. This is because of the stock rotation. New and old stock keeps on rotating therefore warranty period on them also keeps on changing. Also, they will let you know about the warranty on the engine and its parts. Some parts might not have a warranty while some might have.
  • For the installation part the company advises you to go for professional installation and not by yourself or any local mechanic. This is because you risk damaging your product by attempting to install it yourself or through a third party. The professional, on the other hand, will have all of the essential tools and equipment to install the items, which will be verified for any faults or repairs following installation. As a result, only an expert can complete the process correctly.

If you want to purchase only accessories then also you can ask the company, if they have the stock then definitely they will provide you the product.

  • They will guide you on the usage of products that how to use the product, how to maintain and change the oil system on a regular basis. Also apart from installing the product, you should keep one thing in mind that you must not use any local products that are available in the aftermarket and that too of low quality or no warranty. Use certified and in-warranty products.

There are some people that modify their engine by changing some parts that are not supported by the engine itself. Like people change some injectors or apply some exhausts that are very heavy and result in the breakdown of the engine in the long run.

Doing such things will also void the warranty of the product and you will not get any assistance from the company.

About the product delivery and its Delivery

Also, normal wear and tear is not included in the warranty and also the performance depends upon this wear and tear.

  • The delivery instructions are provided beforehand. The shipping process of the B18c engine for sale is time-consuming, it takes almost 30 days because the company guarantees to find your product if they do not have the product ready with them at the moment. As soon as you place your order they will receive the delivery instructions and your registered address and they will soon start the dispatching process.
  • You will be responsible for the shipping costs. In addition, if you receive the incorrect product, you must tell the company within 7 days so that they can file your complaint and begin the return and refund process.
  • The refund policy is also specified. If the product is not damaged but still the customer wants to get the refund of the product then he or she has to pay 25% of the original amount in order to get the refund back.

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