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Amazing features of Instagram Reels

Every so often Instagram launches a new feature that catches more and more users and makes the application even more entertaining. One of the newest additions is Reels and, like previous features, these have become an opportunity to create interesting content and attract even more followers. And although we all continue to seek to have the photo with the most likes on Instagram, you can still take advantage of these 15-second videos to increase the engagement of your account.

Users with public Instagram accounts can have their Reels appear in the Explore section of Instagram to increase the visibility of their posts. By combining some creativity and a little strategy, you can translate this visibility into new followers and leads for your business.

Since their launch in 2019, Reels have gained impressive popularity, even competing with the virality of TikTok videos and motivating Instagram users to keep creating interesting content.

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Below we will tell you everything you need to know about the functions of Instagram reels to make the most of them in 2021.

Control over playback speed

One of the most popular features of reels is the ability to increase or decrease the playback speed of these videos. You can do it in specific sections or throughout the video if you wish.

The ability to control the playback speed allows users to create high quality slow or fast motion videos. This function is available by pressing the settings icon and selecting the playback speed.

Combine filters

By using the Reels, you will have a wide variety of filters and effects at your disposal. From filters for a pleasant editing of your video to comic filters. Using filters creatively within your publishing strategy will help you make your content stand out and can attract an even larger audience.

Organize your videos when recording

Although Reels are an amazing feature, these are not some secret formula that will instantly help you gain followers. To take advantage of its potential, it is necessary to create quality content in each of the different types of publications that the platform offers you. Creating interesting and quality Reels will be the perfect complement to your Instagram strategy and it will be what will help you generate more engagement and gain even more followers at the end of the day.

Regarding quality, the Reels function allows you to combine videos and organize them to create continuous transitions from one video to another without any type of cuts.

Songs to choose from

Including songs in your videos makes your audience connect with your content more effectively and by using the reels you will have a library of impressive songs at your disposal. The songs are displayed according to your musical tastes, so you won’t have to spend too much time searching for a song that you like.

In addition, public Instagram accounts can include original audio to the platform and this can be broadcast by other users in their reels and videos, receiving credit as appropriate.

Share your reels on Facebook

Making a publication strategy combining several social networks is a simple and effective strategy that can boost the growth of your Instagram account quickly. Share quality content on various platforms by inviting the followers of each of them to follow you on each of the social networks in which you have an account.

Even Instagram offers you the option to configure the broadcast of your reels on your Facebook account. Linking your accounts will allow you to share them directly in a couple of seconds.

Store your reels on your reel

On Instagram, you will have the option to download your Reels and save them in your mobile gallery. This will allow you to see your content again whenever you want to evaluate it and find new ways to improve it. To do so, you just have to activate the option “Save to your reel” in the options that appear when you press the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Choose the part of the song you want

You can choose a specific fragment of your favourite artist when creating new reels. When selecting a song for your Reel, the application allows you to choose the specific segment you want for your video.

In addition to being able to select songs, Instagram Reels allow you to mix interesting videos with your favorite songs to generate more likes and increase the engagement of your account.

Monitor comments

Posting content on Instagram can generate both positive and negative comments and we must recognize this before making any type of publication.

That said, positive feedback is always welcome on any account, but you should evaluate when the feedback may not be as favorable. Some criticisms can be constructive and useful to improve your content in the future, while other negative comments do not have a reason for being in themselves, so it is better to ignore them and even eliminate them.

Hide your Reels from some users

Sometimes we publish content that perhaps we want to “hide” from certain users and the good news is that you can easily do it with Instagram reels. This will help you control negative comments or control who sees your content.

To do this, go to your account settings (in the upper right corner when opening your profile) and you will be able to choose which users will NOT be able to see the reels that you publish in your account.

Choose fun stickers

Stickers are another fun Instagram feature that has gained quite a bit of popularity. Using them in your posts can make your videos even more exciting, motivate your audience to engage with your content. And subsequently attract a larger number of followers. Among the most used stickers are different text tools.

Use the timer to record without using your hands

Many times we don’t have someone else to help us record videos, but the timer makes this not a problem. Instagram Reels have a timer that starts recording after a countdown so you can take full advantage of this feature. Set the duration of your video, press record, you will have 3 seconds to stand in front of the camera and start recording.

Instagram Reels are a powerful tool to create entertaining and interesting content. But it is important that you know the characteristics of this function so that you can use it creatively. And then generate quality content that helps you achieve the goals for your Instagram account.

In recent months we have seen dynamics such as asking questions and then answering them in Reels that generate a much greater reach than other formats of the app. Infact, Reels allow you to create almost any type of content to interact as your followers.

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