An Evening In A Beautiful City I Would Always Remember

The room was in a somewhat run-down state. It was a standard hotel room. It had a furnishing of a small bed, a nightstand, a TV on the wall, and a closet. The carpet was in a very dirty state. The hotel room was the only room in the place and was of a standard size and located near gunsmith Melbourne.

So there I was. I stood in front of the closet with my hands in my pockets, looking over everything. I was full with boredom. Just then a sporting paper landed on the bed in front of me.I read it. The sporting paper laid just beside me.

The sports page landed on the carpet and I picked it up. It was a local paper and it had a section of the city highlighted on one of the pages. Since I was new in the city, I decided to go out and visit the nearby market and attend the theatre event I noticed on my way to the hotel. So, without wasting much time, I decided to leave the hotel.

Coffee Shop Around the Corner

My first stop was the market. I took the quickest way and it was definitely the shortest one. I took the stairs instead of taking the lift to get to the main floor since I was only at level three. As soon as I stepped out of the room, I noticed a beautiful and calming scene in front of the coffee shop. It enticed me so I walked to the coffee shop and sat down at one of the tables set in the outer portion of the setting. The whole shopping complex was visible from here and it was quite eye-catching. The trees were so synchronized on either edge of the cemented walking area and there was a park nearby where children were hooting and playing. The newspaper had mentioned that the whole town’s hotels were overflowing tonight with tourists and visitors. But there was not much hustle-bustle in the region I was staying. Maybe it isn’t the prime attraction of the city, I wondered. The coffee shop was only a few blocks near the hotel. I gave my order as the waiter attended to me and then sat there observing beylikdüzü escort intently.

After finishing my coffee and taking in most of the scene in front of my eyes, I strode towards the main shopping complex. When I reached there, the place was unusually noisy with people everywhere with their shopping bags and balloons. It was a long shopping area with ornate streamers and glittering light bulbs covering all over.

Day Well Spent 

The first shop that caught my attention was a multipurpose house decor shop. I entered it and noticed an elderly woman sitting behind the counter smiling up at me. I smiled back at her and went to birdwatch some decor pieces. Some were glittery and some others were very subtle and elegant. All-in-all, it was one of the most eye-pleasing places I had been. I had only this evening to explore the place, had only a small amount of time and had work I was here on, but I instantly mader up my mind to visit again as soon as I could get time.

Then there was a shop named ‘Magic hat shop’ and it was quite crowded, most of which were children of every age. It was a magic shop, and the magician was not pulling out cards from a tiny hat. I glanced around and I could notice the different shelves filled with similar magical items that you could keep in the house. The items looked magnificent and were sitting in a color coordinated manner.

Next up, I entered a gunsmith Melbourne shop. The shop had an elaborate display of guns of different models and the guy behind the corner let me know that their main job was gun repair and servicing. As one man entered and got his gun cleaned and rebarreling done, I stood there and noticed the thorough handed service and good manners of the shopkeeper. I went out and read the name of the shop as “Melbourne Master Gunsmith” and undoubtedly, the guy was truly a master of what he was doing.

Goodbyes Are The Worst

After buying some goodies for my family from an illustration  shop and a pair of traditional shoes for myself, I headed back towards my hotel. The route I took was different than before so that I could take in more of the place. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to this street and its mesmerising beauty. I could only wonder what the rest of the city had to unfold. But I had to go just this time and would have to return some other time to unfold what I left behind unexplored.

I reached my hotel room, took off my shoes and changed into my night wear. It was only when I lay on the bed that I realised how tired I was. I closed my eyes and immediately drifted off in a dreamless sleep.

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