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Asus ROG Keris Gaming Mouse

Asus ROG Keris Gaming Mouse Review

We have become all the rage these days, and now Asus has also joined the republic of cutting down the weight on their mice with their new Asus ROG Keris,- and while this is their first attempt at battling the mice with holes, I have to say that they have made really nice lightweight gaming mice with some very innovative features that other brands could also integrate. which is around 70 US Dollars. So let’s see if this will be a good option for you or not.


A specialty of the design of the ROG Keris is that it is packing lots of features inside while being very stealthy about it, which is a very different approach from the earlier Asus ROG Keris mice. It looks quite simple from all its sides with its matte finish, but the glowing RGB ROG logo and the lighting on the scroll wheel do add some interest, without being very blingy.

Build quality:

It has buttons that are made of PBT material instead of ABS plastic, and that actually makes a big difference in its longevity, and how it feels. Because PBT is a much more durable material that won’t develop the shine that ABS plastic develops after abrasion from your fingers. We have seen PBT keycaps being a very popular upgrade to ABS keycaps on keyboards, so getting that on a mouse brings the same advantages, so I don’t know why PBT hasn’t become a more common material in gaming mice, especially as it also makes the buttons feel grippier with its rough texture, and it is going to stay like this for a very long time.


The weight of this mouse is of course its highlight feature, and at 62 grams, it does feel very lightweight. Instead of implementing a honeycomb hole structure that many mice are using, Asus has gone for an internal honeycomb design, which keeps the weight low without letting all the dust, and food get into the mouse, and it also won’t trigger your trypophobia.

The shape of the mouse is what I have slightly mixed feelings about because while it is shaped very well, the size of it is something that people with larger hands may find to be a little too small or narrow. With my 19 centimeter hand, I found the mouse to be best suited for claw grip, I found it to be a little too narrow and small for hybrid grip, and palm grip was just not possible on this for me.


The primary buttons feel very nice and clicky and have extremely low travel. Asus is using their own microswitch on this mouse, instead of using ones from Omron, which I think is a better choice. But I have to say that it feels very precise, and in case it starts double-clicking, you don’t have to worry because, with Asus’ push-fit switch socket design, you can easily just replace these switches without a need for any soldering. You do get 2 extra Omron switches in the box.

I have been saying that all other manufacturers should just copy this feature because double-clicking is a very common problem with micro switches, but maybe Asus has a patent or something, because this is a very basic and necessary feature, and it adds a lot of value to a gaming mouse because you won’t have to worry about wearing the switch out. Read more: If you would like to read on the other Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse.


The 2 extra buttons on the side are also really nice with their PBT like texture, and they also feel tactile and clicky with very less travel, The scroll wheel on the Keris is one of the best that I have used, it has a very grippy rubberized texture to it, and the scroll steps just have the perfect resistance and stability. It works very well for switching weapons in-game with its tactile scroll steps, and it also works fine for scrolling quickly through long web pages. The middle click is not the best that I have used but it’s a total non-issue, and the lighting on it is done very tastefully, so the mouse gets a 9 out of 10 scores for its scroll wheel.

So at a price of around 5,000 Rs. or 65 US Dollars, it is a little more expensive than its competitors, but it does have some extra features which are worth it. It is a very nice mouse, but just check your hand size before you buy it. It also comes in a wireless version with 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth for 99 Dollars if you need a wireless mouse.

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