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Becoming Successful Through Online Music Streaming

We all love music and it’s been with us for a long time. No matter where you are or what you do there’s music all around us. There was a time that only talented and influential people had the privilege of learning and doing music. But why only them, not normal people?

Well, the main reason was the resources and opportunities which can only be achieved by influential personnel. And to top it all of, those were very scarce as well.

But the scenery is completely different. With the advancement of modern science, every talented individual has a chance with or without an influential background.

How is this possible? Well, one of the main reasons is the increasing popularity of audio and video streaming.


Now, what is streaming you may ask? Well, it’s basically watching or listening to an audio or video file without downloading and storing them to your device directly. It can be either pre-recorded or live to stream. Yeah, you heard it right live to stream. Meaning streaming in real-time. No cuts no edit direct stream. So what does streaming has to do with easy access to music?

Well, if you think about it carefully I am sure you will notice it. But still, let me clarify. You see if it were in the past when streaming was not accessible by all then it wouldn’t have mattered much. But now it’s watched by almost everyone who has an internet connection and a device that supports browsing.

So you can imagine how many people are watching streamers. And seeing this many platforms have integrated it as well some have even built their platforms for streaming purposes. Sites like youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, and many more are built only for the purpose of streaming. Though they are mainly built for video streaming that doesn’t mean that music can’t be streamed on them. Besides many of them also support live streaming as well. These platforms have millions of viewers from all over the world on a daily basis. This includes famous celebrities and business tycoons as well. If your video is watched and liked by such people that you can imagine the possibilities.

But that’s not all. You can also generate an income funnel through these platforms. But how?

As I have already stated if famous people in your industry might notice you and approach you. But that is not until your streamers are popular enough to notice. The same goes for earning from the platform. The platform estimates your value from your views and subscribers count. Until the numbers reach a certain point you can do nothing. Suppose you have sung a song and recorded it and uploaded it to the platform. Your voice might be outstanding but among the thousands of videos that are uploaded on a daily basis, your new video is like a drop of water in the ocean. So now another problem arises how should you let people know of your presence?

Good thing those platform owners took these into account or there would be no luck for one to earn enough. They implemented sharing systems and seo friendly content structure.

Search Engine Optimization

Before explaining the sharing system let’s talk about what seo friendly content means. It generally means that the platforms are set up in such a way that their content will rank high in the search engine and if your stream is ranked high enough then more people will take notice of you and improve your videos rating. But would they discover you? What will they find by?

We that mainly depends on you. It’s how you prepare your title and your description. As you know when we search for something on the internet we generally type words related to what we are searching for. These words are termed as keywords in seo. They find you through these keywords. If your video title and description contain your targeted keywords that represent your stream then they could be discovered for it. But that doesn’t mean that you can just include all the words that you can think of in your every stream. You must use them in accordance to search engine rules. And also make sure to use meaningful and quality content so that both the search engines and the viewer can understand what you are trying to say.


Now let’s talk about the sharing part. Well, when speaking of sharing the first place I could think of is social media. Why social media?

Well, the reason is very simple actually. It is the popularly used medium that people use to connect to one another. It’s especially popular among teens. Also, there are a lot of features that are added for such purposes.

Famous social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have integrated many such features that enable you to make your post reach out to other people on the platform. By doing this not only are you increasing your fanbase but also increasing its value to search engines.

Music streaming services

Well, other than streaming platforms that are mainly built for video streaming you can also utilize services like spotify, apple music, and many more to stream your songs. These types of services are quite popular and have millions of users who love music. So getting your music noticed by people on this type of platform can be a huge plus point.

Utilizing online earning platforms

Also if you are financially troubled there are always your fans. By opening your profile on sites like Fiverr, Buy me a coffee, Patreon, Streaming Plug, etc., and sharing them with your fans and offering some profits like early release or face time can not only solve your financial issues but also improve your bonds with your fans even more. Cause when they support you it shows their sincere love for their work and in return when you open up to they begin to view you as a friend rather than only a streamer.

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