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Benefits of B2B Corporate Branding for your growth

A strong B2B branding ensures that your brand is cuts through in this huge arena of competition where everyone is trying to think out of the box. B2B branding creates a desire amongst the targeted customer to choose your brand and lay trust on it. Establishing a brand in B2B sector is different from branding in general since it is more business and service focused.

What is b2b marketing?

As the title suggests, B2B marketing is promoting the products and services of a business to other business organization. It is quite different from marketing the products and services that your business provides to customers (B2C). Experts claim B2B marketing to be more subtle and straightforward when compared to B2C marketing since business purchasing decisions depend on bottom line revenue impact. General consumers do not pay much heed to the return on investments when they make a purchase however it is a different scenario when it through from a business point of view.

In the preset environment, B2B marketers target investors and stakeholders. B2B marketing is also aimed at influential individual with a take on purchasing decision. In B2B marketing, the competition is high hence it requires planning, execution and management. Here are some tips useful to a B2B marketer –

  • Study the pattern for the targeted consumes
  • Design your booth in a way that is visible from a distance
  • Be open to innovative ideas
  • Add geo-location targets
  • Create an augmented reality

Importance of branding in B2B marketing

It is often said that branding is only useful for B2C businesses since B2B consumers do not care much about how the product or service would make them feel. Moreover, they concentrate on the potential revenue that they could generate while making a purchase decision. Despites these valid arguments, B2B marketers still believe that branding holds high grounds in B2B decision making. B2B buyers might hold a different point of view but they are humans with emotions, after all. Researchers have claimed that economic decisions are more so often influenced by emotional impacts of the society as a whole and people in general. Emotions are involved in the reason behind economical decision making however it should be kept in mid that the buyer is going to give profit and revenue a higher value.

Branding experts like Kevin Rendall say that B2B buyers are overwhelmed with choices, features, data and benefits. Hence, branding often simplifies their decision making process. A strong B2B branding gives buyers reasons to choose your brand even in this market of emerging competitors every now and then.

Branding is like adding a dressing to your cake; it makes your brand more attractive and draws willingness of the buyers towards trying your brand. It also helps in shortening the sales cycle. Branding helps you to build a standard pricing that you could help you sustain in this competitive market. Branding in B2B corporate business creates a community of customers who are loyal to your brand and it also gives employees, key stake holders, shareholders a reason to trust your brand. Given all these highlighters, B2B can be considered as a financial pay-o.

Ravinder Bharti

Ravinder Bharti has ample working experience in digital marketing, SEO, and PR. Public Media Solution is headed by him as the founder, and CEO.

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