Benefits of Video On Demand Platform Over Traditional TV Advertising

Thanks to rapid digitalization, people’s content consumption patterns are drastically changing. Most individuals prefer watching videos, be it for entertainment, education, or others. According to a study, 1 in 2 Gen Zers and millennials say they don’t know how they would get through life without videos. Not only this, research suggests that revenue in the video on demand streaming segment is predicted to reach US $70,845 million in 2021. Have you been planning to start a VOD streaming service of your own? Well, that’s awesome! In this article, we shall discuss the best benefits that a VOD streaming platform business can bring to you. Stay with us and keep reading. 

What Does VOD Streaming Platform Mean? 

Before digging into the benefits of VOD streaming, let us quickly go through its definition for better clarity. Now, VOD stands for video on demand and is a medium of accessing content online via video libraries. Some top video streaming platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others. 

Advantages of VOD online streaming platform 

There’s no denying that people rely on videos for more than just entertainment. Isn’t it? A recent study suggests that there will be around 1,423 million VOD platform users worldwide by 2025. Given the huge figures, it makes sense to invest in VOD live streaming. There are many more advantages of VOD streaming. Let us dig into them one by one. 

  • Broadens your audience reach 

Offering a video-on-demand solution to your customers will help you expand your audience reach. The good part about VOD streaming is that it allows viewers to watch content on their desktops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. No wonder VOD streaming is so popular! The compatibility of VOD streaming with various devices makes it more convenient for audiences to opt for it. 


  • Full control to viewers 

With VOD streaming, you can provide complete control to your audience. Viewers can consume content whenever they wish without any time and location barriers. They can also filter their content preferences. Such facilities make customers more fond of your platform and help in revenue generation. 

  • Convenient for viewers 

One of the best things about video-on-demand streaming is that it is super-convenient for viewers. Unlike old days, they do not need to pick up the video in a video store. All viewers need to do is click the play button. Irrespective of barriers like location and time, viewers can enjoy video content anytime anywhere. 

All of this leads to higher customer satisfaction. So, having a VOD software business can prove to be fruitful and help you attract a huge number of audiences. 

  • Easy setup and cost-effective

The video on demand streaming solution is pocket-friendly when compared to other video distribution models. Moreover, most of the video-on-demand platforms have a user-friendly setup. Viewers just need to sign up for the subscription to get access to a variety of content libraries. 

  • Detailed analytics 

With a VOD streaming app, you can get a detailed insight into your customer’s behavior. As the viewer is connected from a personal device, the video content can provide relevant data about him/her. It becomes easier to learn about their preferences, demographics, and how they interact with your content. With deep and accurate analysis, you can improve your video marketing strategy. Moreover, you can target your audience efficiently. 

  • Monetization options 

By providing on-demand streaming services, a lot of monetization opportunities can open up for you. Maybe, you can offer downloadable content that requires one-time payment from the viewers. You can also offer monthly or yearly subscriptions to viewers. Let us have a look at some of the best business models in detail in our next section. 

Top Subscription models for VOD Streaming Platforms 

VOD streaming can be a great source of additional revenue for your business. If you are a VOD platform providers, here are the best revenue options you can go for: 

  • SVOD 

SVOD stands for subscription-based video on demand. Some of the leading examples of SVOD models are Netflix, Disney, and others. As per this revenue model, viewers need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to access the content on your platform. You can provide your consumers with different subscription options like basic, standard, and premium. 

  • AVOD 

AVOD stands for advertisement-based video on demand. With this business model, you can earn revenue from ad insertions into your videos. Also, in this model, viewers can access content free of cost. Some of the famous platforms that follow AVOD are YouTube, Facebook Watch, and others. 

  • TVOD 

TVOD stands for transactional video on demand. Amazon Prime, Apple iTunes are some of the top examples of the TVOD model. In this, viewers need to pay for a particular video that they wish to watch. TVOD is also known as a pay-per-view subscription model. Now, it can be divided into two types. One is ‘Download to Rent’ and the other is ‘Download to Own’. In the former, viewers can stream the video as they would on Netflix but in the latter, they can store the purchased video file on their hard drive. 


We hope our article helped you comprehend how streaming video on demand can open up multiple business revenue options for you. Given the various important benefits that VOD streaming has to offer, it makes sense to invest in the start VOD business. So, wait no more! Start your journey as a successful VOD platform provider today!  


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