Best Game Download for PC in 2022

People look at for playing games on a big screen like pc and laptop beside the mobile phone. So we discuss the best game that you can download for your pc in just a few times and all games are different perspectives. 

1. God of War 2 Game

God of War 2 is an action war game that was released in 2007 for a single-player. In this game, you have to fight against the bosses of this game and if you get more damage then you will lose this game. Solve difficult puzzles and as a player, you have the ability to climb walls, swing the ropes and jump across the charms. God of war 2 game download for pc to play action war and puzzle game.

Features of God of War 2 Game:

  • Use weapons to kill enemies
  • An amazing story of this game
  • The graphics and sound quality is good
  • Modern weapons use in this game

2. Tekken Tag Tournament Game

Tekken is the most popular action series game and a number of different version of the Tekken game is available to download. Best Tekken tag tournament game was released in 1999 for multiplayer mode. In this game, you play as a team with your partner and beat an opponent with special skills and moves. This game you can play on PS2 and PS3 platforms for pc version. So Tekken tag download for pc and play it on multiple platforms.

Features of Tekken Tag Tournament Game:

  • HD Graphics 
  • Use special skills to beat an opponent
  • Multiplayer mode game
  • MUlti platform supported

3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of duty modern warfare was released a decade ago in 2011 for single-player and multiplayer mode. It’s a global war game where country Russia attacks different countries as a player you have to stop this war and controlled over the attacks. If you play this game on single-player mode on ps3 platforms then this mission is divided into three different parts. And when you fighting against enemies and you get more damage then you die but if you spend more time after getting damage in this game then health is to increase automatically from time to time this is an amazing game feature. Call of duty modern warfare 3 pc download free and play war game or assume war simulation.

Features of COD MW3 Game:

  • Health increases after getting damage from enemies
  • Modern weapons and sniper rifles use 
  • Control mission as a leader
  • Graphics and sound are HD quality

4. Iron Man PC Game

Iron man pc game is based on the Marvel movie character iron man that was released in 2008 a decade ago for single-player mode. The story of this game same as the marvel movie and does not end forever. Iron man is one of the most popular characters if we talk about Marvel movies. Download this game on your pc.

Features of Iron Man PC Game: 

  • The story goes and goes forever
  • Use different weapons to kill enemies
  • Graphics same as a movie

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