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Best Mosquito Killer Spray in India

If you’re like me and have spent days on a trip to India, trying to avoid the little bloodsuckers. That seems to be everywhere, there’s no time like now. It’s best to start off your trip by readying yourself for the inevitable bite from one of the most hated creatures on the planet. Few of us can complete a day in India without getting bit by mosquitoes at least once. While it may not be quite as bad in tropical countries such as Thailand or Malaysia, getting bite by mosquitoes is still uncomfortable and potentially harmful.

But what if we told you that there was a better way?  

No need for smelly bug spray when you can protect yourself in a natural way. By simply spraying yourself with water! Research has shown that the females of many mosquito species. It includes those in India who bite human beings only when they need to feed on blood in order to reproduce. The males on the other hand, are less selective and will bite anyone who happens to pass by their flight path. This discovery is where the natural “Bug Off” was born. It involves nothing more than spraying yourself with water before venturing outside. Everyone knows that wearing bug spray is the best way to avoid bites from mosquitoes.

This method is based on the theory that mosquitoes strongly prefer to bite people who have been consuming large quantities of salt and minerals. If you want to keep mosquitoes at bay, eat a large dinner the night before your trip and then drink a lot of water throughout the day. The water from the extra salty dinner and consumption will be enough to attract all of the mosquitoes around you.

Usage of Mosquito Killer Spray :

Because they are attracted to your scent, they will bite anything around you that smells. Best Mosquito Killer Spray in India yourself with water before heading outside with your gear packed full of gear, gear, etc. You will essentially be replacing yourself with your gear. However, the mosquitoes will not be able to fly away once they bite any of your belongings because the water will weigh them down.

This may sound too good to be true, but that’s really all it takes to keep mosquitoes away. You will still get bitten at some point there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee. You should find that you spend less time being bite than if you were not using this method. This works especially well in humid climates such as India. But can also help you avoid mosquitoes in other parts of Southeast Asia and wherever else mosquitoes tend to hang out.

If you are concerned with the health effects of being bitten by mosquitoes then this method is definitely what you need to consider. Prolonged exposure to pesticides which are commonly found in most bug sprays can cause cancer, birth defects and other health problems. This would be especially harmful if you have been previously expose to insecticides such as during a malaria prevention trip. And choose not to use insecticide-based bug spray because of either health concerns or aversion to the chemicals used.

By spraying yourself with water, you will attract numerous mosquitoes around you and they will then bite anything that smells like you. If you are still concerned about getting bit, even when following the Bug Off method, you can try wearing a long sleeved shirt or pants that cover your legs, arms and neck. We may find that mosquitoes do not tend to bite on clothing though we have hear conflicting reports,should be fine with a long sleeved shirt/pants and a hat to keep any other biting insects off of you.

 What are the uses of Best Mosquito Killer Spray in India?
  • It not only attracts mosquitoes but also repels them and keeps them away from you.
  • Not tested on animals and completely safe to use on human beings.
  • It is 100% natural repellent made from essential oils and extracts of herbs. That get rid of ladybugs, ticks and fleas safely without any side effects.
  • Use indoors as well outdoors to protect your pet or furniture etc. All the ingredients are FDA approve so you don’t have to worry while applying this mosquito killer spray on yourself or your pet or furniture.
  • Use it continuously as it is water resistant and won’t wash off due to water unlike other mosquito repellents.
  • It is easy to carry in your bag or store in your room so you can just spray before going out and use anytime you want.
  • If you have any allergy related to products then this mosquito killer spray. It is good for you as it doesn’t contain any kind of chemicals.
  • This repellent will stop mosquitoes within 10 metres of the area where it has been spray. But it is not effective against mosquitoes which are already flying in the air. So always use an application before going out on the field.
What You Need to Know Before Spraying for Mosquitoes? 
  • This Best Mosquito Killer Spray in India gets rid of mosquitoes within 10 metres of the area where it spray.
  • It is not effective against mosquitoes which are already flying in the air. So always use an application before going out on the field.
  • Don’t spray directly on your face or nose, spray on your clothing and skin to protect yourself from mosquitoes.
How to Use the Best Mosquito Killer Spray in India?

Spray it directly on yourself before going out for hunting, camping etc. for an extended period of time outside. Spray inside your house to repel mosquitoes from getting inside and bite you.

How to Use Bug Off Spray?

Mosquito Killer Spray is a completely natural repellent spray. It protects you from annoying pests like mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks etc. Use it indoors as well outdoors to repel mosquitoes and other pests. Keep your pets and furniture safe from mosquitoes with this Best Mosquito Killer Spray in India. It is made up of 100% pure essential oils and herbs that not only repels but also kills pests without harming the user in any way.

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