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Best Plugins To Start A Membership Site

When you hear about the word membership site, what comes to your mind at first? I am very sure that the answer will be “WordPress.” Following this comes the selection of membership plugins; because it ensures the right platform for your business. 

Do you want to get a complete list of agile plugins for starting with a membership website on WordPress? Then take a look at each section below, and you will get your desired answer. 

What Are The Best Plugins To Begin A Membership Site?

If you deep-dive, there are a myriad of WordPress membership plugins, but if you are just a newbie, then leave everything aside. There is no need for confusion at the very first stage. Instead, get started with only those that would meet your requirements. 

Here is a list of top WordPress membership plugins which you can make use of at the initial stages:

1. LearnDash

An incredibly flexible way to utilize WordPress LMS plugin is LearnDash due to its piles of membership modules and heaps of features. 

What Are The Features Of?

  • Pretty simple and straightforward to set up your membership content with integrated tools and functions.
  • It also assimilates the marketing platforms and payment gateways together. For instance, It is also possible to connect other plugins like Slack, Memberpress, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Tools like user profiles, certificates, quizzes, and user badges allow you to develop beautiful, engaging membership sites.

What Are The Demerits Of LearnDash?

  • It’s suitable only for learning websites where you would like to sell courses. 

2. MemberPress

One of the most used plugins for WordPress membership and also the simplest one to handle is MemberPress. 

What Are The Features Of MemberPress?

  • Stay connected with Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, and other email services. 
  • Memberpress is one robust Learning Management System feasible for selling courses online. 
  • You can show the restricted content to the members via the “Content dripping” option. 
  • There is in-built flexible support for payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal. 
  • The features are pretty easy to interpret and use correctly for building a coherent WordPress membership site. For instance: account, log in, thank you page, subscription box, set up pricing, etc.  

What Are The Demerits Of MemberPress?

  • There is not much flexibility in terms of the payment options, unlike the other plugins. 
  • The advanced plan is relatively costlier – $249/year.

3. S2Member

Here is another popular pro versioned membership plugin with extensive usability and integrity.

What Are The Features Of S2Member?

  • You will get the content drip feature with an S2 member
  • The plugin is flexible enough to integrate with other programs like bbPress, BuddyPress, Mailchimp.
  • The best part about S2Member is that it does not charge a single penny from you, and you can download it anytime. 
  • Are you a pro user? Then you have an added advantage to get email-oriented assistance. 

What Are The Demerits Of S2Member?

  • Low user-friendliness is one of its main downsides
  • Although the basic plan is for free, switching to a pro version will make you incur significant money – $89/single-site license.

4. bbPress

Once you get into the world of membership sites, one must-have WordPress plugin for you is bbPress. 

What Are The Features Of bbPress?

  • The procedure of installation and setup is pretty cool for non-tech savvies
  • You can turn off the anonymous responses if you are not comfortable with them. Instead, generate multidimensional allowance levels like participants, moderators, etc. 
  • Lead your users to a customized URL after login by using bbPress.
  • Regulate the topics and moderate the feedback from your audience.
  •  Is creating discussion forums too critical to you? Not to worry, because bbPress would allow you to set up one and manage it easily without any cost. 

What Are The Demerits Of bbPress?

  • There is a challenge of liability of extra extensions as bbPress has only fundamental features. 


ARMember is equipped with a wide range of attributes. Starting from restricting content to drip content, you can explore a wide range of tools here for your membership site. 

What Are The Features Of ARMember?

  • Earn badges after your achievements 
  • Want to create a trial and free memberships? – You are the right destination
  • There are various forms that you can add to your site for social logins 
  • Easy renewal, downgrading, and up-gradation of memberships. 

What Are The Demerits Of ARMember?

  • The quality of customer support is not up to the mark


With this list of most popular membership plugins, I hope your task has become a lot easier. Now, if you ask us to guide you with the best membership plugin among these, then we would recommend “MembersPress.” Its support features, flexibility, and ease of use are the reasons why every beginner needs it. 

Is there any question for us? Shoot them in the comment area, and we will be looking into it as fast as possible.

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