Best Suspense Movies you must see in 2021

Do you love suspenseful or thriller movies, and also finding some similar movies. Artık tek önceliğiniz ise k istanbul escort kadınlara ulaşarak kolayca randevu alabilirsiniz. Then your search for the best suspense movie ends here. In this article, I am going to provide you with a list of the best suspense movie you must see in 2021.

There are a lot of genres of movies like Adventures, Action, Mystery, Crime, Comedy but the most loving, famous and our favourite genres is thriller and suspense movies. When we watch a suspenseful movie our body starts feeling goosebumps, our mind starts questioning what’s next, a new energy starts flowing in our veins. Due to all these qualities, we love suspenseful movies.

The Meg

In the very first place, we have ‘The meg’. I am telling you this movie is one of the best suspense movies from my point of view. It is a science fiction action movie which is directed by Jon Turtletaub who is also the director of other hit movies like Rush hour, National treasure, The sorcerer’s Apprentice and much more. Jason Statham and Li Bingbing are the main stars and laying the role of Jonas Taylor and Suyin respectively. Rayan Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, Cliff Curtis are the other co-stars of this movie.

This movie was released on August 10 2018, which is based on a book named Meg: A novel of deep terror by Steve Alten. This movie is available in different languages with a running time of 113 minutes. The all-over budget for making this movie is $130 – 178 million and it earns $530.2 million as box office collection. 87% of Google user gives like to this movie an the movie has an average rating of 7.6 by IMDB.


Jonas Taylor is a rescue diver in this movie and he attempts a mission to save the crew of a damaged nuclear submarine during the rescue mission an unidentified creature hit his submarine due to this attack two of his crew are trapped in the damaged sub. For protecting the life of saved people he dispatched his rescue sub from the damaged sub.

Five years later, billionaire Jack Morris meets Dr Minway zhang at an underwater research facility which is named Mana one. Zhang and his Oceanographer daughter Suyin surprise a mission. To know the full story you must watch this for free as it is available on Bolly4u.

6 Underground

The second best suspense movie on our list is 6 Underground. This movie is another best movie full of thrill, which is directed by Michael Bay who is also the director of Transformers movies, Pain and gain, 13 hours and others. It is an American action film. Ryan Reynolds is the leading star while Melaine Laurent, Adria Arjona, Corey Hawkins, Ben Hardy and others are the other co-stars of this movie.

The released date of this movie was 13 December 2019. This movie is easily available on the OTT platform Netflix. 6 Underground is available in different languages with a running time of 128 minutes. The over making budget of this movie is $150 million. 85% of google users give like to this movie and there is another average rating of 6.1 which is given by IMDB.

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After witnessing the horrors of a brutal regime in the central Asian Nation of Turkistan. An unnamed American billionaire and philanthropist made his fortunes from inventing neodymium magnet. He collected a team of 6 member who is ready to forget their past and make their identity as anonymous. In his team, there is a spy, a hitman, a parkour runner and theif, a doctor and a driver they are making his team undefeatable.

This movie is really suspenseful movie. you really need to watch this movie to know the full story.


This movie is a spy movie and the 23rd movie in the James bond series. This movie is directed by Sam Mendes and written by Neal Purvis and John Logan. This is made under the production board of Eon production. The lead role of James bond is laying by Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Albert Finney are the co-stars of this movie.

This movie was released on 9 November 2012 which is based on James bond by Ian Fleming. This movie is available in different languages with a running time of 143 minutes. The all-over making budget of this movie is $150 – 200 million and it collects $1.109 million as a box office collection. 90% of google user gives like to this movie and IMDB gives an average rating of 7.8 to this movie.

So these were the best suspense movies you must stream in 2021. There are various best sites to download movies. I hope you all enjoyed this article. In case you have any query or suggestions, then do not hesitate to mention them in the comment box.

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